It Is The Year 2005.

I know there have to be some other Transformers fans on Cafe Society. I can’t stop saying “IT IS THE YEAR 2005” in the voice of the TF: The Movie narrator. When that movie came out in 1986–19 years ago now!–I was 8 years old, and 2005 seemed like the far-flung future, something that might never happen. We’re here now, and while Transformers have experienced a well-deserved resurgence in popularity, I’m disappointed we don’t have REAL transforming cars by now.

Just as an aside for all the ladies out there, don’t be too surprised if you know guys (boyfriends, husbands, etc.) who were children in the '80s and are consistently drawn to tears by Transformers: The Movie.

There is currently an ad on British TV with a transforming car. It transforms into a robot, dances around for a bit, then transforms back into a car. Really cool. Can’t remember what the car is.

Any resourceful dopers got an online link to a movie of it?

If you like that, go here:

and scroll down to see the Volkswagen video! (This one came first, by the way.)

I don’t think the right version of quicktime is installed at work to see the first one, but the second one (had to browse a bit to find it) was cool!

Last night at midnight my husband announced, “Ok, it’s 2005, I want my damn flying skateboard now.” See, he explained, they were commonplace in Back to the Future II’s 2015, but the technology was already there in Transformers: The Movie.

You’ve got the TOUCH! You’ve got the POW-EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!

It’s a pity the live-action Transformers movie won’t be out until 2006. :frowning:

“It is the year 2005…”
“Do you know where your kids are?”
–Me, Doug D., and Greg S., BotCon 1997