It must be Computer Error Awareness Month or something

I’m sorry to keep bombarding the board with all sorts of ‘please help me fix problem Q before i chuck this piece of $hit out the window’ questions, but almost everything i own that processes electrons conspired and simultaneously stopped working.

I have two questions (in this thread at least):

I get an error when trying to write a CD from MusicMatch - ‘ASPI buffer too big - aborting writing process’ - how do I adjust the size of the buffer? I looked for new drivers to no avail.

Second, is there a way to open a ‘batch file’ for IE? When I go online, I like to look at the same sites and find myself doing a lot of repetitive keystrokes. Is there a way to have a seperate window with The Straight Dope, Hotmail, Ebay, and Yahoo Finance all in one swoop?

I’m not to sure about the first problem but I’d probably do a search for the manufacturer of the CD burner and see if there are any user settings that you can change (most likely in config.sys or autoexec.bat).

As for the second, I just open 4 or 5 windows and then direct each one to a separate page. Then again, I have a cable modem too.

Regarding the second question, this may work (I haven’t tried it myself):

Right-click on your desktop. Select New > Shortcut. In the “Create Shortcut” pop-up, enter the full URL in the Command Line box (including http://). Hit Next > and give the shortcut a name.

Repeat this for all of the sites you want and you should have four shortcut items on your desktop. When you want to access them, simultaneously select them all either by dragging a “box” over them with the mouse or using <Ctrl> to select them one at a time. Right click on the selected group of icons and click Open. They should all open up in separate browser windows.