It Seemed Like a Good Idea

Phew. Got to work a little late today. Hope everybody’s doing well and all that. I miss my dog. She’s 2910.88 miles away from me right now, according to When I grow up and get a real house I’ll get a dog. Can’t wait.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually completed a game of Monopoly. I haven’t played in years. It just never seemed to end well. My brother and I would start playing, then one of us would be on the brink of winning, and the other one would start screaming about cheating, or how it isn’t fair, smash the board, throw the peices all over the room, and storm off to somewhere to sulk. It was actually banned from my house when I was growing up. “The family that bans together, stays together” was our motto.

-tool (kinda scared, 'cause I said ban in a post)

I have the regular old version of Monopoly, but Soupo has Monoply Junior or something. There’s dinosaurs involved. I don’t think I’d like the Star Trek version of Monoploy since I already have the regular version and I don’t play that hardly at all.

I’d like to get a new doorbell that sounds like the door chime from Star Trek (next Generation and I think they used the same one on Deep Spece and Voyager, but I’m not sure, although I am pretty sure they didn’t use in on The Old Show). I’ve looked online for a Star Trek doorbell, but I haven’t found one.

Another fun game that takes a real long time is Risk. I like Risk. I don’t have it since no one around here would play it with me anyway, but I like the game.

I also like raspberry Woodchuck cider. I just found that out last night.

I also like the movie Agent Cody Banks. I just found that out last night too.

I also like you. But I knew that already.
-Rue. (like-y)

While I cannot understand having a Monopoly aversion so fierce as I am a shameless addict myself…

I do have a wide variety of other games including two Scrabble sets and a number of Trivial Pursuit versions including the funky one in the pie shaped tin.

I really need a hobby that doesn’t require other people since I live in hell and anyone who has dinner with us more than once seems to leave the state :frowning: I used to joke about it but I’m not joking any more. Seriously ALL of my friends have or want to move out of state. Parallax tells me not to take it personally because we all know how Massachusetts sucks and how expensive it is to live here but still… It’s hard on a girl’s ego ya know :frowning:

Conversation is lovely… I so miss having conversations. Lately all I find myself saying is things like ‘Get off the dog’ and ‘Stop climbing the fridge.’

Oh and we just had a lovely time shampooing strawberry milk out of the TV room carpeting. Guess I’ll have to go out to the garage and milk a few million more.

I haven’t played Risk since I was a kid. The kids next door had a set and Tiny always won. (That’s what we all called him - really - I don’t even know why since he wasn’t little - he was 3 or 4 years older than I!) But I liked Risk … I would just need to refresh myself on the rules a bit :slight_smile:

mmmmm Woodchuck cider. Made in Ludlow, VT, if I remember correctly. Just one of the many wonderful things I can’t have out here on this coast. sniff sniff.

Oh, but I am (of course) far too manly to enjoy anything but the original brand of Woodchuck cider. None of that fruity stuff for me. No, sir. grunt. grunt. And I might enjoy Agent Cody Banks if I had some cider too.

-tool (manly)

Just thought I’d slip a quiet post in here so you all would know I’m still alive. You may now clap or hiss as you are so inclined. Actually I was going to go to the lumberyard, or maybe Home Depot, to buy some more stuff for the ‘Sliding-Glass-Door-Installation-Project-From-Hell’, but someone called and wanted to see a house, so I have a showing in half an hour and that’s not enought time to do anything else, so now I get to post here instead. Aren’t you glad you asked?

It looks like ther topic for the day is pets (don’t have any), or board games (don’t play 'em anymore.) If I did play board games I’d play 'em with the scintillating Kallessa. Man, can she scintillate! She’s conversationalates real good too!

Oddly enough, I knew what tanookie was talking about when she mentioned the carpet hiding, or the hiding carpet, or whatever. I once spent a week redoing a beautiful oak floor for a woman who then proceeded to pile more furniture on it than one person should be allowed to own. She actually had an extra sofa stacked on top of another sofa. Her beautiful floor was definately hiding. I don’t even want to talk about the bathroom that I completely re-did with the Italian tiles, etc.

[aside to FCM] I’m gonna really try to get the scintillating Miz Moose on her way home today, promise. [/aside]

Bumba - (scintillated)

I’ve Monopolized Bumbazine at two DopeFests, so there’s a Risk that he’s just being nice in hopes of avoiding hearing about my Trival Pursuits at yet another gathering. I’m Sorry, but for the Life of me, I don’t have a Clue how to avoid the Aggravation of carpets hiding, or the Scrabble of a dog’s claws on the floor. Opps, gotta go, the hippo is getting hungry, and I think the Mousetrap needs to be re-set.

Kallessa (gamely)

You have to trim kitties’ claws?

Hm. It’s a good thing I learned this, because we’re planning on getting kitties in a couple of months. It seems like that could be a painful task, and not just to the kitties!

I like Monopoly. I think we have a Seattle Monopoly around somewhere, but it’s been ages since I’ve played. I love Trivial Pursuit (I have the Millennium edition, too, tanookie, in the wedge-shaped tin), but Mr. Gazer’s and my favorite “board” game to play together is Rummikub (don’t ask me why they spell it that way, I dunno). We can play that one for hours, and then end it by throwing the tiles at each other. The bad thing about that is that tiles get lost that way. I think we’re missing 2 tiles right now, and we’re not likely to find them since we lost them at our old apartment.

I don’t think I’ve ever played Scrabble in my life, which is funny, because I was an English major and I love words. Boggle, on the other hand, is a perennial favorite (it’s so noisy!).

-stargazer (BOGGLE BOGGLE BOGGLE) :smiley:

Parallax won’t play boggle with me so I have to compete against myself.

I’ve heard good things about Rummikub but we don’t have that :frowning:

We used to play a lot of Phase 10 way back Before Children. We called it the swearing game.

Eventually the children get old enough where you can teach them to do something besides eat the pieces right?!

Kallessa’s gamely post cracked me up :slight_smile: Twas very clever of you to narrate thusly!

Thanks tanookie, I’m glad it turned out so well, I’m a bit Rummy because I tripped on a Poker and almost knocked my Bridge work out. Luckily, I was supposed to go Fishing with the Old Maid next door, and when I yelled she rushed over with her Blackjack in case I was being mugged. She went crazy when she found out I’d just stubbed my toe and accused me of stealing her Spades. Oh Hell, all this Bullshit has set my Heart(s) a racing–I just don’t have the Patience for this stuff anymore. Screw the Neighbor, if she Spits in my direction again, it will be War!
Kallessa (giving equal time)

{Exgineer was just strolling along, hands in his pockets, whistling a happy tune, when he stumbled over an abomination of a thread.}

What? WHAT?

Kallessa likes board games? Oh, sh*t. I can’t take board games. All that dice-cup rattling, the entirely different rattle-and-thunk when the dice are dumped out, the tunk-tunk-tunk of the pieces being moved forward in that anal-retentive counting procedure…


All does not bode well for our impending marriage.*

At least she gave a nod to card games. I can make some money with those things. You wouldn’t believe the stupid wagers some people make. Seriously, I was playing poker this one time, and this guy actually had a list of the hands in winning order right out on the table, and I was like, JACKPOT!, but then I thought “maybe he’s bluffing with that list, there,” only it turns out that he wasn’t and he really was that dumb, and…

Ahem. Please excuse me for a moment.

So, Kallessa, how are you at euchre? Partners, maybe? How about cribbage? Upon preview, CRAP.

I’m also slightly affronted by Angel Pants’ evident preference for fudgecicles over freezer pops.

Crap, again. Wrong thread.

*I even decided on a particular style of tuxedo. I like narrower lapels and cravats, with nothing resembling a ruffle. The color, of course, is cast in stone.

(I was kinda’ going for an allusion there, because polished granite is sorta’ close to dove gray, except darker, so I wasn’t sure anybody would get it, and I’m an idiot.)

Darlin’, you don’t like board games? I’m stunned, shocked, and am thinking of retreating into denial. I’ll forget you don’t like board games, but you can refuse to play once out of every three time I suggest it. It seems that the sound of the dice bother you–what if we use fuzzy dice?
I’ve never played euchre, but would love to learn, and I’m not sure about Partners–seems like I played it in college, but maybe not. Cribbage however, is mygame–and just so you know–I cheat if I get a chance, so it’s best to watch me when I peg (I’m only telling you this because you’re my fiance, all others play at their own risk. )

i wait until the kitty cats are asleep before i break out the clippers. i may get just a claw or two at a time but eventually they will sleep again. (evil laugh here)

i own millenium trivial pursuit, monopoly, and body boggle.

Frankly, Ex, you seem to be outnumbered in this particular… how did you put it? Abomination of a thread…

I happen to love fudgecicles and could eat an entire box of them but freezer pops lost their appeal before I hit puberty.

As for board games… if that’s a deal breaker between you and the scintillating and punny Kallessa… well you are showing a surprising lack of taste! I’m shocked. I am guessing I won’t get to be a bridesmaid now :frowning:

Oh and my hubby requires that same list when we play poker. I could put the hands in any order and really mess with his mind but that would be cruel and I like to save my cruelty for more important venues.

He loses to me in pretty much everything anyway… except Tetrisphere… for some reason we were really closely matched and then I got pregnant the first time and haven’t won a game since. I really should ask the doctor about that!

Oh, no.

Cribbage is my game. I once pegged sixteen points to double-skunk my Dad, and he’s the guy who taught me the game. You’re on, lady. Anytime you want to try.

The “partners” thing was me asking you to be my partner in a euchre game. Since you don’t seem to know how to play, I think I’ll back out of any “all comers” challenges I may have inadvertantly made.
Uh, could we go back to the dogs now, or have we irretrievably moved on?

(Does that last sentence make any sense? I know the grammar is srewed to the wall, but is it understandable?)
Ex- (not confident at all)

My mother has Molly’s claws clipped at the grooming place (just for you darlin’, it’s back to the dogs) and she (meaning Molly) doesn’t seem to mind it a bit. Of course, like all the Baker girls, Molly is a flirt who likes attention, so she’d put up with almost anything to have two or more people devoting themselves to her (Molly, that is, not my Mom–Mom’s a little shy, and trims her own nails).

Speaking of nails–am I the only woman in America that has never had a pedicure? Truth be told, I don’t want one. Well, I don’t want my toes painted (I have little tiny toe nails, don’t ya know). I suppose there’s other stuff involved with pedicures, and that could be nice. I never wanted a facial before I had one, and now, although I don’t crave them, I’d be willing to have another.

And I could play board games at the same time!!
Kallessa (who hasn’t completely gone to the dogs)

when you get your kitties start getting them used to your touching their paws by playing gently with them, stroking their feet and so on. It makes it much easier when you start clipping their claws. Out of the five cats I’ve had, only one proved to be difficult when it came to clipping. This fellow here. I think that is because he was a stray and eight months old when he acquired me. He’s hypersensitive about his feet, making me think he had some bad experience at one time.

Let’s see… what else… oh yeah, about Monopoly-it was banned in my house. Seems Mom got so fed up with all the arguments that used to break out whenever we played that she declared a moratorium on the game. Sheesh, there was hardly any bloodshed at all.
The last board game I played was Scrabble I believe. But since Mom is such a crossword fanatic she usually wins that one.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s really why she banned Monopoly. It was a plot!

Anyhoo, back to cats. (I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid.)
My big, black feline is not adjusting too swimmingly to the new kitten. She spends a lot of time staring at him and alternately hissing and growling. On the positive side, she’s not actually tried to rip his head off so I guess that’s something. I keep telling her he’s another male for her to push around, he’s a creampuff really.
So far she’s not buying it.

You don’t have to trim kitties claws 'gazer. But if you don’t they grow out to be needle-sharp-rapiers-of-DEATH. So, it’s usually a good idea to keep them trimmed back. Or you could just get them (the claws) chopped right off. If you want. People have differing oppinions about this, so I won’t say one way or the other which is best. Oh wait, yes I will. Declawing you kitty is really the way to go. It takes pretty much all the maintenance out of a nearly maintenance-free pet. (Just remember, they still need food!) Just don’t do it yourself. Have a Trained Professional do the job.

My favorite board game is currently Chinese Checkers. Even if you don’t get to send the pieces back to the start when you jump them. That’s the saddest part of Chinese Checkers, the not sending the pieces back. Or taking them away. But you get to jump yourself, so that’s good.

I was playing Chinese Checkers with my Best Friend Growing Up not too long ago. We played a couple games regular, then we decided to play all the colors. Not each though. We each got half the board and played in rotation. That was hard and I lost big. But then I usually do lose at board games. It’s my curse. Although I’m pretty good at Mancala.

Did you know the Egyptians played that game while they were on their coffee breaks while they built the pyramids? Yeah. Strange but true.

I can also beat Soupo like with a stick when we play checkers. He is getting better though. He made a Triple Jump the last time we played. But I had all the Kings and won anyway. Then I did a Victory Dance until he cried. Ah, good times.
-Rue. (gamely)

I’ve never had one, but I think I’d like one! Not the nail painting part, since I always wear socks and shoes. But I hate clipping my toenails and I’d love to lie back and let someone else deal with that chore. 'Specially if it came with a foot massage. I’d do almost anything for a foot massage - as long as it wasn’t illegal. I can’t imagine any foot massage being worth a felony.

But I’d do chores or bake or even watch football in exchange for a primo foot rub. Even without the pedicure.

Which reminds me, I need to clip my toenails real soon. Maybe tonight. My daughter gave me a vibrating foot bath thingie - not as good as a real foot rub, but not too bad. Just fill it with hot water, turn the knob to heat and massage, and insert tired tootsies. Sounds like a plan for the evening. Oh yeah…

It’ll give me something to do while I eat a fudgesicle and pat my dog.

Ex, I sorta know how to play euchre, altho I have to be retrained every time we play. I vaguely recall left bower and right bower. I don’t really like card games - my brain doesn’t grasp the strategy. But I might play in exchange for a footrub. Or a fudgesicle.

I too have never had a pedicure. I trimmed my own toes this weekend and I think I’m going to have to recruit help next time. I could barely navigate my way there around the belly from hell ™

I’ve also never had a manicure or a facial or any of that spa type stuff. It sounds nice but I’m not big on strange people touching me. Except I love to have my hair done. If I were independantly wealthy I would have someone come every day and do my hair for me.

Even declawed kitties aren’t fully declawed. 99% of all declawed kitties are front feet only. I don’t know of any vet that will fully declaw a cat. Their goal is just to stop the kneading they do on the furniture and rugs. We have scratching posts that handle that just fine without surgery. Imagine having your fingers cut off at the first knuckle just so you didn’t have to trim your nails.

Oh and I really need to ask… What is Body Boggle?

We used to have a really cool metal Chinesee Checkers set–I wonder what happened to it? (We probably sold it for a dime at a garage sale and it will show up on the Roadshow worth $1000). <grammar break–if the whole sentence is in parenthesis, where does the punctuation go–inside or out?>

Anyway–Chinese Checkers was lots of fun. I have a version of it on the computer, but it lost something in the translation. I can’t remember why, but I remember that the computer version is missing some ineffable characteristic that made Chinese Checkers so much fun. Yateze (spelled wrong, but what can you do–it’s not in the dictionary) is just as fun on the computer, but then, it’s not an earthshakingly fun game to begin with.

My computer games come with animated figures to play against–I’m partial to the bear and the dinosaur, but the space alien annoys me. The people characters are okay, but a bit bland. Playing gin rummy against a T Rex (who likes to sneer) fits my style better. I’ll leave you to figure out why. (I mean, if you want to, it’s not required or anything, you really don’t need to know anything about me, and if you don’t want to, well, no skin off my nose).

Kallessa (winningly)