It seems Tawnee Stone may have died [she's alive- ed. title]

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That appears to be the owner of her website, and he’s giving her real age (rather than the “18” she’s been for the last decade :p) so this, sadly, is probably legit. The internets are abuzz about a history of similar hoaxes, though. I’m not sure if she’s widely-known enough to get a real news story.

It’s a damn shame if true. I’ve, uh, enjoyed a lot of her work over the years.

Looks like many people have doubts. Stories like this have been falsified before, in order for them to break away from their persona cleanly.

Having said that, a couple of models for the site I worked for died in prominent and unlikely ways, so it may be true.

Well her real name is known, it wouldn’t be hard to check the claims.

“years” has been emphasized.

I had to Google her and was fairly appalled at her youthful demeanor. If she is/was only 19, than I am doubly more concerned that she might have been doing work illegally as a teen.

In which case, you should be ashamed of yourself… :eek:

She is 28, she probably did start when she was 18 though.

Her website claims she is 19.

No fucking shit, Sherlock, I referenced that in the OP. Her and I are less than a year apart in age so get the fuck out of my face with your disgusting (and ridiculous, and premature, and ignorant as fuck) accusations.

She gave up doing porn in around 2004, and has been an accountant ever since. So she only did it up to age 22, which explains her eternal teen-ness.


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Where is Fried Dough Ho’s admonishment for insulting me? The OP clearly stated that her advertised age is fake, and yet I still get pedo accusations leveled at me? And that’s cool, but calling them the bullshit that they clearly are isn’t cool? :confused:

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Ellen Cherry

Coming so close on the recent celebrity death hoaxes is suspicious. But that alone proves nothing.

She’s also quite a bit less well known than the other hoaxees. But that proves nothing either.

She was apparently born in 1982 per the alleged obit. She played a “19-year-old” web-persona for years. As to her look, we have a performer who was probably one of those people who would be getting carded into their late 30s, dressed and made up like a teen.

I get that many people are all “ewww” at the very idea of the “naughty teen” fantasy. But really, if someone’s on the Web saying “I’m 19” for the last 8 years, my reasonable assumption is that means she’s at least 26 by now; not that she’s asking me to imagine her first website went up when she was 12.

Seriously, who doesn’t know that in porn pigtails means 18, please disregard our crow’s feet?

While I agree that Cisco’s outburst was out of line, I also agree that Fried Dough Ho should have been publicly admonished as well. In her eagerness to accuse Cisco of ephebephilia, she clearly skipped over the part in the OP where specifically referenced Smith’s fudged age. It would be nice to know the moderator recognized that.

I have a prominent collection of Tawnee Stone material on my hard drive that will be cherished forever. If she’s really gone, my flag flies at half-mast for one of the genre’s greats.

Yeah, porn stars stay 18 until it’s no longer convincing and then they become milfs.

I’ll happily and obligingly apologize for not having read the OP clearly enough before questioning anyone’s viewing habits.

But to so vehemently and vulgarly offer such an angry and fervid insult over a frigg’n porn star demonstrates an astonishing lack of perspective in one’s life, does it not, gentlemen?

Nice to see some sense of protocol maintained in those troubled times, it warms my heart.