It seems to me that some first responders frequently quote the OP in its entirety.

It seems to me that some first responders frequently quote the OP in its entirety. Do I just have a hang-up in my observational skills and these things jump out and grab me or do these seemingly redundant quotes serve some purpose??

I think you’re right

I’ve even seen second responders doing it.

I thought first responders were firemen and the like?

They serve a purpose.

You’d really think they wouldn’t want to waste time quoting the entire 911 call before rushing into the burning building, so there must be some reason for it.

Bookmarking this to resurrect in a couple years.

I haven’t been here long, but I’ve been ninja’d and double-ninja’d a number of times. Quoting is a way of making sure that you’re addressing the OP, rather than a comment that came up between the time you started typing and got around to hitting the actual Post button.


That was in response to Prof. Pepperwinkle btw


I’ve noticed that some responders will quote either the OP or another responder with a quote in it’s entirety instead of selecting the portion relevant to their response. This really annoys me. I appreciate brief, concise posts.

I must confess, I’ve run into technical glitches with trying to excerpt portions of a quote on a couple of occasions so that could be a reason to use the entire quote.


Me too.


Hear, hear.

Trimming a quote (especially in Great Debates) can bring accusations of changing the context or meaning. Granted, that rarely is the case unless the posters are going back and forth with long, complicated discussions, but it does contribute to a cultural bias for quoting in entirety.

A lot of long-timers do, too.

It’s faster and easier to just quote the whole bit, rather than to extract. Makes for some redundancy, but then a li’l repetition is not a worrisome thing. I tend to quote and extract, because I think it makes my own comments seem more pithy and focused. But I think this is a matter of individual taste and preferences. I assume, janeslogin, you weren’t suggestion some sort of rule or administrative guideline? :wink:

I really think mods should hand out warnings for completely unnecessary quoting of an entire post, or at least suggestions. It’s an eyesore.

I agree.

… Oops!