It was my birthday yesterday.

I’m 43 now. How old does one have to be to be considered an old fart?

I didn’t celebrate it much. I didn’t even go online. Just kicked back and watched as much NFL as I could in one day, which is exactly how I spend ALL my Sundays in the fall and early winter. :smiley:

(BTW, I hope y’all saw the ending of the Jacksonville-Baltimore game. Hoo-boy! A tipped pass that results in a Jax TD, then Baltimore scores a TD when their receiver barrels his way over the goal line, knocking flat a Jaguar cornerback. The last team that scored was the winner; my kind of football.)

(But the Cowboys lost, which was a bummer, even though I would’ve been surprised if they had won. Is Troy Aikman’s career over?)

I find that the more birthdays I have had, the less special they are. It frankly didn’t bother me much that I got only one card, from my mother.

So how do y’all spend y’all’s birthdays?

Happy Birthday Jab!

When one becomes an old fart is a state of mind. I think you’re there, man. :smiley:
As for how I spend my birthdays, well the last one, I spent with a couple Dopers and my mom at a play. (Doobieous and PCW) I used to be pretty ambivalent when it came to my b-days, but now I really look forward to them, because I get to spend them with psycat. :cool:

Happy birthday Jab. I woulda sent ya a card if I had known. I usually spend my birthdays quietly.

Well, Happy, Happy Birthday jab! I’m glad you got to spend it the way you wanted to. Demo’s right, it is a state of mind. And, a case of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you at least get some cake and 'scream?

Hey, jab! Happy b-day! Wish I’d have know, so I could congratulate you proper. Oh, well. I’m sending you an imaginary card as I speak. Not sure when you’ll get it, though, since the mailman looked at me kind of funny when I gave it to him. Christ, the postage on these things is expensive…Oh well. Happy birthday!

Happy day, jab. Don’t worry, you passed by old fart some time ago.
This fall will be my 40th, and the missus informs me there will be something happening on a certain date. So the occurrance won’t be a surprise, tho what it entails will be. Not sure how I feel about it, being the center of attention and all, but hey, I’ll do my best to be a good sport and not get embarrassingly shitfaced. Mrs. D says I have to stand it because I never had to go through a baby shower. What scares me is she seems to be conspiring with my older sister (well, she used to be older til her odometer got stuck at 29), who has access to inside information and, gasp, photos!

Happy Belated Birthday, jab1!

I think you have many more to come before you will be
an old fart.


jab1 said:

You have awhile yet. Right now you’re in the same catagory I am (I’ll be 37 next month)–middle-aged fart.

Happy birthday.

Well, happy belated birthday, jab! I spend my birthdays with as much family as I can manage, provided I’m not working.

Congratulations and condolences, jab1!

Hope you had a happy one, jab1. I look at age 40 and say, “That’s an unimagineable distance away from where I am now (34).” But then, when I was 20, I thought 30 was old fartish. It is a state of mind. Hope you had a YOUNG birthday, I should have said. :wink:

Happy Birthday!! Glad to hear you spent the day doing what you love!

I usually spend mine doing not much. Last year my son and I made me a cake, it was a blast.

Belated happy birthday, Jab1!

(It’s hard to be creative before coffee.)

Happy belated birthday!

Well, thanks, everybody. :o

This thread was, of course, a lonely and pathetic cry for attention and y’all came through. Thanks, again!

jab… Happy Birthday… A hug and a kiss. And I bet you’re a big handsome buck. But, if you’d root for the Red Skins you’d have better luck…

Oh, yeah, the 'Skins did real well against the Lions, didn’t they? HAH!

Do you realize this means the Giants are leading the East? How did that happen?

It’s early. You know the Skin’s wait until everyone else is tired and rundown. Then they come back. You still have time to sit on my side :wink: