It would seem that I'm up late for a stupid reason again

A couple of hours ago, it was eleven o’clock in the evening. Perhaps more like half past. Back in those days, I had a plan. It might seem like a humble plan to some. My plan was to go to bed fairly early. I was all set to be in bed before midnight. My cousin was visiting but he was about to head off home, and sleep awaited.

At this point my memory of events becomes a bit sketchy, but I think we were discussing the difficulties associated with doing handstands. I have a bit of a fear of falling over ‘forward’ during a handstand, you see, and it would seem that learning to roll forward can help alleviate that fear. I don’t know who suggested it, but it was decided that what we really ought to do was find a nice open area to practice our rolls and breakfalls. I live in a fairly small area, so we couldn’t stay put. And so it came to pass that I went for a nice jog down to a lawn at our friendly local university* to do what essentially amounts to rolling around in wet grass, fully dressed, in a public place, at midnight.

So here I sit, feeling roughly the way one feels having returned from such a late-night trip. Obviously I’m not going to go to bed right away - my knees need time to dry, after all. It’s around a quarter to three now, and I don’t really remember how I ended up browsing the Dope, but at this point I’m resigned to the fact that my sleep patterns will remain out of synch with humanity basically for the foreseeable future.

So, if anyone is or has been up past their bedtime for a reason that is as stupid, or stupider, do tell, because as I sit here drying under a warm lamp I’m beginning to question if it was all worthwhile.

~ Isaac

*For the benefit of anyone familiar with Melbourne University, it was South Lawn that was blessed with our presence on this crisp winter’s night.

I routinely stay up past midnight playing City of Heroes. Stupid enough for ya?

Have you overcome your fear of handstands?

Well, that’s definitely pretty stupid (not trying to comment on the game, by the way), but I’m also usually up late playing video games, so it doesn’t really make me feel any less stupid. I kind of wish you hadn’t mentioned games, though, because now I’ve got a hankering for some F-Zero…

Eh… a little. I’m making slow progress towards handstand mastery. Still, I’m a bit better at rolls now, so there’s that.

Right. I’ve got to focus now - I’m going to go to bed. I might not have made it before midnight, but if I hurry I can get there before four in the morning, and that’s something.

~ Isaac

Be careful, what you did is against the law in some places. You could be taken in for resisting a rest.

Man, that’s one tired joke.