Italian Soda

So I just found this Italian soda at Safeway. It’s a store brand, Lucerne Organics, and is all-natural- meaning no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and it’s made with organic sugar, not HFCS. So far I have only tried the Pink Grapefruit, and I love that stuff. It’s carbonated, but light and juice-like, not cloying and soda-like. I am planning on trying the blood orange, the pomegranate, and maybe all the other flavors.

Is this a new fad or have I just not noticed these in all my grocery-shopping life? Have you been drinking this?

I like it too, most American soft drinks are WAY too sweet for me. I like the San Pellegrino Limon, it sometimes comes in individual cans with little foil lids on top.

Ha, coincidentally, I have one of those sitting right in front of me, except it’s called Limonata. It’s good, but oh, so sour!

Target has some as well, as do Wegmans. Both are super yummy, so much so, that I find myself slurping them down faster than regular soda.

I’ll have to try Target’s since there’s one within walking distance of my home, so that would be convenient. And you’re right, here I had myself almost completely weaned off soda, and now this- although I highly doubt that I would start drinking nearly as much of this as I did soda at my peak, but you never know.

Right now I’m drinking the Safeway brand (Lucerne Organics) pomegranate flavor. It’s very piquant- good but you definitely don’t want to over-drink it, a little will do just fine. Delicious, though.

The Archer Farms brand (Target’s higher-end brand) Italian sodas are good. I also like their 0-cal flavored waters.

Try Aranciata.
Same type of stuff but orange instead of lemon.