It'll be pink cee-gars in a few months..

Help us narrow down the list of names. The lastest ultrasound seems to indicate that we’ll have a daddy’s girl that I can spoil (btw, where can I pick up an intimidating shotgun to put by the door in oh…say 16 years?)

Here are the current name choices

=> Delaney
=> McKenna
=> Fiona
=> Brenna
=> Claire
=> Moira
=> Siobhan
=> Regan

What say ye dopers?

I like Moira. It’s not one that I hear around a lot, but at the same time, it’s not so unusual that people will be thinking “where did they come up with that”.

Congratulations on the little she-beagle.
I like Claire and Moira best. Unusual but not trendy.

(I knew a Siobhan in grade school who was unfortunate enough to bear the name during the popularity of a certain margerine. “If you think it’s butter, but it’s not…”)

Are you Irish?

I like Claire the best out of all of them. Moira is a nice name when it’s spoken, but I dislike that spelling. Fiona would be cute except it reminds me of Fiona Apple, who is a monstrosity. The other names are horribly trendy, especially McKenna.

Congrats, and make sure to keep us posted!

First, in regards to the pictures…aaawwwww…she’s adorable!

Now, as to the name, this is another vote for Moira. I think it’s a great name that’s cute enough for a kid, but it’ll be taken seriously when she grows up as well.

BTW, congratulations! :slight_smile:

Yes I’m of Irish ancestry :slight_smile: Out of the names above, my prefs are Moira, Claire and Fiona. mrs beagledave is not too thrilled with Moira…she says it sounds too much like Maura :frowning: I also like Maeve, but my dang cousin already named his daughter that a few years back…the weasel.

Might need to take a second look at this list

As an aside, I would like to use “Ann” (my mom’s name) as a middle name …

I’ve always liked “Siobhan”. But it always reminds me of Chiffon margarine. If you think it’s butter, but it’s not, it’s Siobhan!"

Regan? Cool for The Exorcist connection, but… “Reagan”!

“Kathrine” is a nice Irish name, but it’s not on your list.

I like “Delaney”, “McKenna” and “Fiona”; although the first two sound like surnames.

I guess I’m not much help. :frowning:

If I ever have kids, I think I’ll pass out cigars that don’t come in pink or blue. Macanudos are pretty good and inexpensive. But (although I’m rarely smoke cigars) my favourite is Arturo Fuente. At about $7 to $10 each though, I’d only give them out for a special occasion like a birth. :slight_smile:

there is a book called: “beyond shannon and sean” for naming your tykelet. my favourite is bigseach. i doubt you’d get that past the mrs. mckenna is rather nifty and she can have a wide variety of “niks”. although for a girl shouldn’t that be nikenna


After a rethink and a chat with another cousin, we’ve added “Maeve” to the list as well (rhymes with “cave”).

Thanks for the feedback…it helps just to bounce ideas out there to see what seems comfortable…

I like Claire and Moira. Or Fiona.
It’s just fun to say. “FEEE-NA! FEEE-NA!”

Please, PLEASE not Delaney or McKenna. The others are all lovely.

So you don’t like “Katherine Ann Beagledave”? :smiley:

Using the categories of 'would I want to date, introduce to my parents, introduce to my friends, and hire as my defense lawyer. I would vote for Brenna. Feminine, works for a little girl and a grown woman.