ITR Champion, shut your pie-hole

Am I the only one getting tired of his bi/weekly “Atheists are evil” threads where he argues disingenuously when he doesn’t flat-out lie?
The Lies of Sam Harris
The Lies of Richard Dawkins, Episode 6: Saint Thomas Aquinas
What are the adverse effects of not having sex?
Albert Einstein believed in God
The Constitution does not forbid religious symbols on government property
Isn’t it time for atheists to stop telling the Galileo myth?
Multiple universes don’t refute intelligent design
Dawkins on Martin Luther King, Jr.
Charles Darwin was a Racist and a Eugenicist
Why blame religion for Alan Turing’s prosecution?
Lest you think I’ve dug up shit, these are all from the first page of my results from searching for threads he’s started in GD.

He deserves more ridicule than scorn.

And possibly more pity than ridicule.

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How about indifference and apathy?

You’re not the only one who’s tired of ITR’s one-trick pony. I don’t even know what he’s trying to achieve. All the ad homimem attacks in the world against prominent atheists are never going to prove God exists, so why bother? I wouldn’t mind if he actually tried to engage an EOG argument on the merits sometime, but all he wants to do is say atheists are evil, therefore God exists.

Would STFU be out of line?

ITR has designed an elaborate illusion for himself to believe and feels the need to defend it extensively. During the process he will come to believe it even further. Its a twisted form of self brainwashing.

My major grievance with him is that he doesn’t listen. I feel as if I fully grok the religious arguments. Like many people I grew up immersed in religion. During college I took Philosophy of Religion and History of Modern Philosophy. I’ve seen all the really good arguments religious people can make (but rarely do - we usually get truthy blubbery nonsense) and been tested on my ability to repeat them. Yada yada.

To me ITR is just another example of a blindly religious person that, far short of actually groking the atheist arguments, doesn’t fully grok the religious arguments either.

In other words, he’s a troll. In the words of Professor of Philosophy Harry Frankfurt at Princeton, ITR doesn’t even care about the truth value of what he says. Therefore he’s not even a liar - the stuff he’s spewing is pure bullshit and worse than a lie. Fully devoid of understanding at that. I abandoned a conversation with him when the trolling became overly obvious.

I don’t use the ignore list…but I quit reading ITR’s drivel a long time ago. Did put a picture of him on the dartboard down at the Atheist’s Club. Gave us something to do between orgies and human sacrifices.

Bah. I do get ITR. He’s an obsessive fanboy, stoically defending his mythology of choice just like other fanboys will defend Star Trek, a sports team or a music band. It’s fine with me, because I like reading religious threads.

Wusses. At my atheist club the orgies and sacrifices are continuous.

Jesus himself finds ITR tiresome.

Gee…I don’t know if mere guests are allowed to do this, but…

You win the thread.

Except his ‘defending’ consists of lying and misquoting others. That’s not fine with me.

I’d rather have Christians like kanicbird than ITR, anyday. kanic’s beliefs are very woo-woo, IMO, but he’s honest and upfront about it, and he doesn’t start sooo many dishonest threads.

Of course, I’d much rather just have Christians like Lib, Poly, Sarahfeena or tomndebb, but it’s not my MB, now, is it?

Before he shuts the F*** up, could he tell us what ITR stands for?

I’ve been trying to guess, and haven’t found a good answer yet.

Improved Touring R, apparently.

I don’t care much about his continued threads – if you feel the need to share aspects of your belief system, by all means, do; I’ve said my share about atheism myself – but his blatant argumentative dishonesty gets to me occasionally. Whenever a point is made he cannot weasel himself out of, he just plain doesn’t acknowledge it. Debating with him (and others employing similar tactics to ensure being ‘right’) is a bit like boxing with Homer Simpson – no matter how well you hit, they just don’t acknowledge any effect, until you drop from exhaustion and they declare themselves winner.

Can we reach a consensus? I was planning on pitying **kanicbird ** and scorning Champ Now I’m confused.

What do you sacrifice to at the Atheist’s Club? And is there a membership fee?

Gahan Wilson had this great cartoon a few decades ago in which everyone was walking around in religious vestments and artifacts, all adorned with the initial “N” and somebody was intoning gravely “Is Nothing sacred?”

We sacrifice to Nothing, and we adore Him, holy be His name.

It’s also the membership fee.