It's 2:15 am. What are YOU doing?

Me? I just go done watching like 4 episodes of Futurama, the greatest animated show there ever was. Good news everyone!! I’ve had about 8 Heinekens and I’m wondering what’s going on in the doper world. Me? I’ve watched the tear jerking episode about Fry (who, if he were a real person, would look like me) and his 7-leaf clover. So what do I do to calm myself? What every other self respecting man would do…cuddle with my ridiculously cute bunny rabbit for an hour or so! Don’t make me post pictures! My baby bunny rules the house. Society will crumble at her lying down with her little lucky feets [sic] sticking out.

How’d your monday night go?

I’m watching music videos on youtube. I can’t wait till Thursday so I will have money to party some this weekend.

Eh, my monday was alright. Presently making fettucine di pesto genovese with diced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella for a late dinner. With homemade pesto, made from home-grown basil. Bliss.

And that episode of Futurama makes me cry too. sniff

I’m on my front deck smoking and looking at a pretty full moon.

It’s just after 4.30pm here. I’m finishing off the draft of some advertisements that we’ll be placing in Friday’s papers for additional staff.

After that I’m off to the observatory to view tonight’s eclipse.

You’ve just reminded me. My alarm is set! Beer, internet, and lunar eclipse…I dare you to NOT call me a DOPER!!!

I’ve been reading “Heroes And Villains: The True Story Of The Beach Boys” by Steven Gaines, for the last six and a half hours. It arrived in the mail today, and I’ve always wanted to read it.

That time in the US puts me smack in the middle of my day.

Been playing with my Wii. Just got to Zora’s Domain. Wiiiiiiii!

Starting to think about lunch.

So that’s what they’re calling it these days?


Well, I won’t lie, at 2:15, I was slacking off.
See, I was at work, and bored, and so I was reading the dope (for a bit) and checking out some blogs. I guess that’s ok, I got all my work done for the day.

Brendon Small

It’s only about 2:45 a.m. here now. I’m goofing around on the dope, checking the lunar eclipse’s progress every few minutes, and thinking about heading to bed.

At that time I was sleeping.

I live such an exciting life don’t I?

At 02:15 I was setting up my camera in the back yard to take some pictures of the eclpise. Unfortunatly my 500mm lens isn’t very fast (f5.6) so most of the pictures at totality are just blurs, a 30 second exposure will do that. I also had to fight dew forming on the lens. I did get one good one part way through that I use as my desktop. :cool:

At that time I was attempting to sleep but being thwarted by the dulcet sounds of someone getting their stupid ass run over in my parking lot and the subsequent police investigation. That’s not what woke me up, though. What woke me up was the shouting match between some dude and a gutter-mouthed stripper wannabe immediately beforehand.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds and my apartment complex isn’t usually this trashy. I was just lucky. :slight_smile:

Now watch “Jurrasic Bark”. That one’s just about as sad. It’s the story of a stray dog Fry finds back in the 20th century while working at Penucci’s Pizza.

That episode, the previously mentioned 7-leaf clover episode, and the giant bee sting episode bring me to the edge of tears every time.