It's 6pm. Time for food.

Yup. I’ve been messing around [del]on the Straight Dope[/del] with AutoCAD long enough, and now I must eat. Time to go outside, cross the road in the snow, buy today’s paper and something to drink, then come home and have food.

Thank you.

I’m thinking about ordering a pizza from the place on the corner.

It’s evil, the way it sucks you in! I hope you have a much more stable version than I have. I enjoy the drawing, and I can see how powerful it can be, but I’ve also been having a nightmare of an experience with the software itself!

This week, I wanted to print out my drawings for my project, and I had 5 different drawings. 4 of them printed, no problem. The fifth? Shows up fine in model space, shows up fine in paper space… does NOT show up in Print Preview (though my title block did!) and would print only the title block. I had to redraw the entire thing from scratch, because after 4 hours of googling and messing around with it, including an hour with my TA, we couldn’t get it to show up on paper at all! Luckily the TA vouched for me, and the prof gave me 2 days to redo the image and resubmit it as an addendum to my project. It was just so fucked up.

And yet, I want to use it again (I’ll have to, as I have an assignment due Tuesday).

I came home from a long shift five hours ago and my feet still really really hurt.

What food did you guys end up getting?

I will often wake up, check the internet, and about three hours later realise I haven’t eaten or even drank anything all morning.

Sunspace, you finished with my house plans yet??

mnemosyne, I’m sorry to hear you are having such trouble. It makes me afraid to upgrade to 2008.