It's a beautiful day!

It’s a wonderful glorious, sunny British columbian day.
The sky is clear, the birds are chirping. And it’s 7:00 AM as I am typing this.
Why am I not happy, then?
It has to do with the board. It bothers me. And this thing that bothers me, it bothers me whenever I am on a message board, the feeling is not alone about all the message boards.
I am talking about elitism on message boards.
It’s everytime someone gets called a “fucking newb”.
It’s everytime someone gets banned, deserved or not, and theres someone to continue to insult them now that they are no longer there.
It’s people’s opinions getting treated differently because their reg. displays a time that came after another members
It’s the thinking that a high post count neccesarily equals intelligence.
It’s that and other things that I cannot express.
It’s not so bad on this board, but it’s still here.
And I guess I should stop caring.


You bore me.

That’s nice.

MachineHead, I don’t care if you start a Pit thread complaining about another poster, but why, oh why, are you sucking up bandwidth with several threads simultaniously in two forums with your less-than-groundbreaking insights?

Yes, sometimes new people get treated as if they don’t have a clue.

If I were you, I wouldn’t go about propogating that idea.

Suck it up and chill out.

I am not going to chill out.

Then find a new messageboard if this one isn’t to your liking. We kinda like the place the way it is. Why should we change for you?

For you to expect otherwise is foolish.

Good idea.

Cool. Go outside and play. Somewhere far from a computer terminal, for favorites.

Moderator’s Notes: You’ve got a Pit thread currently running with this, legitimate, gripe. The Pit is the proper place for it. We’re not gonna do it in this forum.

You will in MPSIMS and all fora with the exception of the Pit (and even there, there are limits), or you’ll be doing your bitching elsewhere. You grok?

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