It's a boy!!! Or Swiddle's bizaaro day.

Here is how my day was supposed to go: breakfast with SisterRiddles at 9:30, study for biopsychology exam, take exam at 11:15, nap for a while, and probably play Sims, and go to work at 4:00 PM.

Here is how my day went. I realised upon reaching my car, that I lacked the keys. This was a problem, as I realised they were inside my apartment. Well, says me, you have three spares. One is in the house (dumb.) One is on the eve outside the house. But it wasn’t. I must have used that one and forgot to put it back. Don’t panic, me says again. You have a spare in your car, and you have a spare key to your car magneted on the undercarriage. But again, I must have used it, because IT wasn’t there. OK, you may panic, me says, throwing its arms in the air. But just a bit.

After I finished panicing, I realised that I had both a cell phone and AAA. I cancelled with SisterRiddles, who then became CrankyRiddles. Called AAA, get them to open the car, get the key for the house, and all will be well. AAA takes their customary 20 minutes over the 45 minute promised arrival time, and it takes him under 30 seconds to pop the lock. Swiddles decides to be a car thief, as it is apparently so godammed easy.

I look in the place where my spare house key should be…BUT IT ISN’T. Honestly, oftentimes it is quite difficult having to deal with myself. But now I can get in my car, where, I had at least stored a spare CAR key.

I take my psych exam, and did fairly well. I fully credit this to having spent all my emotional energy already, and not having any left to be nervous.

Under the advice of MommaRiddles, I try and find a movie. The only movie theater in Burlington (literally) doesn’t have any show until 3:00. It is 11:30 now. I drive to South Burlington. The only movie I’d pay money to see is Traffic , and it started 1/2 hour ago. I call my friend, who informs me she is going grocery shopping, but I am welcome to join. For some reason, I HATE grocery shopping alone, but I find it quite fun when I’m not the one spending money. So after we finish, I still have an hour and a half until I’m due at work.

My friend suggests that we “go look at the puppies,” which means we visit the Humane Society, which is around the corner. She does this on a weekly basis. Seriously, they think she’s nuts. However, she found my sister a dog, so I call her a Puppy Pimp.

Anyhoo, we get there, and I fall in love with a six month old boy kitten named Bread. (not for long. BREAD? Please.) He’s an angel. He leaped from the handler’s arms to mine. Literally. After spending 20 minutes of LOVE with him, my friend informs me that even though she already has one male cat, she’s gonna take him if I don’t. I have a 10 year old Siamese princess, and my only fear was sibling rivalry. But this little guy just wears me down, and I decide to take him. Possibly tomorrow.

While I’m there, my landlord FINALLY calls me and tells me they have the spare key. YAHOO! I kiss little Bread goodbye for now, and get the key from them, opening my apartment and grabbing my keys, and scoot off to work. I’m there for an hour, and I’m pretty happy, what with the keys and the kitten and all. I’ve been there for an hour when my coworker informs me that I wasn’t on the schedual until 5:00, anyway. So I got there an hour early. Dammit. I could have had my nap afterall.

Easily the strangest day on record. Things I learned: [ul] [li]When you place spare keys in strategic locations, it helps to replace them after use. []Driving all over creation for an early matinee is silly. []Don’t go looking at puppies unless you’re prepared to walk away with a new furry child, and Check the godammed schedual. [/ul][/li]
That said, any advise on how to acclimate my furry daughter to her new brother? She’s lived with other cats before, but they were always roommates’ cats. And I need kitten advise, too. Ooooh, I’m so excited. Any name ideas? He’s a coon mix, gray and white with medium, length hair. My daugher’s name is Tikitikitembonosiremboteriberirucipipperripembo, or Tiki for short. I’m thinking of naming New Son Chang. Anyone get it?

That’s my MPSIMS for the day.

All you gotta do is put them in a small cage together so they can get aquainted. They love that.
That IS a messed up day… however adventuresome and a break from the norm huh?

First off, you could have saved valuable time in the morning if you hadn’t tried to stave off the inevitable panic. It’s a good rule of thumb that as soon as you feel the panic coming on, just ride it out and get it out of your system.

As for the cats, if you have a young cat in a household and introduce a younger cat, the previously young cat will instantly become an old cat. If the current critter-in-residence is already 10 years old, this won’t be too drastic a transition. I saw it with my cats growing up, actual age didn’t matter, just the relative age in the group. The youngest one wanted to play volleyball, the others just wanted to lie around and work on their tans.

I’ll see if I can think of a name. I haven’t gotten to name a cat in years.

I get it, I get it! I used to love that book when I was a little G. (Much to my father’s dismay, I believe, given how many times he must’ve read the story aloud, but…) Ah, memories…

Cat care tips? Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

About the kitten:

When I was a child, our family had two mother cats who had kittens close to around the same time. One mother disappeared before the kittens were weaned, never to return. My mother smeared the lost cat’s kittens with tuna juice. The other mother licked off the tuna, and by that time the kittens smelled like her, so she accepted them. I was afraid she would eat them, but that didn’t happen.

So maybe if you put tuna juice on your new boy, your princess might lick him. I don’t know for sure, though.

Good luck. And congratulations on your psych exam.

----:)/ x o x o x

You just made me smile SwimmingRiddles.

I’d personally call the kitten Riddles.
that’s just me, great story nonetheless.

If I was any less poor than I am, I’d be such a kitten thief, up to my eyeballs in cat shit and little purring balls of fluff.

Congratulations on the Swiddlet! Anata no nekko kawaii desu ka?

Dude, was that Canadian?:slight_smile:

Here’s the Tikitiki story, for those not in the know. (ie: everyone but Steve, who apparently read the same books as a tyke as myself.)

Once upon time in China, there were two brothers. The oldest was named Tikitiki…etc. This means The Most Wonderful and Reveared Son In All of the World. He got this name because he was the first son. The second son’s name was Chang. Chang didn’t mean anything, but after Tikitiki, his parents couldn’t think of anything more creative.

One day, the brothers are playing by a well, and Chang fell in. Tiki ran to his mother, and while the run was long and exhausting, he was able to scream “Chang has fallen into the well!” His mother ran to get the old man with a latter, who got the frightened, though OK Chang out of the well. The boys were told NEVER to play by the well again.

So two weeks later, they’re playing by the well. (hey, Chinese boys are boys, too.) Tiki falls into the well. Chang runs the long distance to his mother, and says “Mother, mother! Tiki…tiki…tembo…no…”

His mother says “You treat your brother’s name with the respect it deserves!” By the time the out of breath Chang got the whole name out, and they got the old man with the latter, Tiki was near death. But he made it through, and his mother realised that a long name is dangerous. That is the reason why Chinese names are so short.

I am going down on Tuesday to interview for adoption. I couldn’t get an interview today, and they’re closed tomorrow and Monday. I’m nervous about leaving him there so long, I REALLY don’t want someone to get him before me, but it was the soonest I could get. Yikes. Wish me luck!

Good luck, Swiddles! The new kitten sounds divine.

As for new kitten advice:

-Kitten proof the house (HaHa! betcha saw right through that one, didn’t you? It can’t be done!)

-It’s best to provide a private room for the new kitten for the first few days. Have a bed, food, toys, scratching post and litter box in the room.

-Make introductions between resident kitty-highness and the new kitty-knave slowly. Try to make it seem like resident kitty’s idea. Point a finger at resident kitty and say, “Hey, I thought you said you wanted a little brother!”

-Relax, and enjoy!

Honestly, Swiddles, it sounds like a fine day! Lot’s of action, adventure and romance (you did fall in love with the kitten after all). What more could a girl ask for?

BTW, I agree with Vision: Riddles sounds like a wonderful name for your new friend.

Oh, I dunno…I kinda like the name Bread. I’ve worked in the vet industry for about 7 years now and I have NEVER come across a pet named Bread. :slight_smile: My own kitties–Hootie, Happy, Angel, Cherokee and Annie are sending you their good wishes on Adoption Day.
PS. I’ve never had a problem introducing a new pet into the home. There was some peeing out of the litter box when I brought Hootie home, but that cleared up. The cats didn’t even bat an eyelash when I brought my puppy home.

Which way did he leap to get into your arms? If it was a horizontal leap, name him “Beamon”, vertical, “Fosbury”.

Sounds like a day of adventures to me. . .

I’ve had neighbors who named their dog “Blue”. Single-color names intrigue me. I think I’ll name my next dog “Red” or “Yeller” or something to that effect.
But Swiddles I gotta admit, “Bread” is a pretty cool name. . .

Now that’s funny! I may have to use Fosbury (only with permission, of course) for my next cat. I love having a little history to go with the name.