It's a dating show! It's a cake decorating show!

It’s both!

But what the hell is it?

I don’t have cable, so when I’m left alone with the remote in the living room of someone who does, I love to see what weird shit I can find on TV. Last night I found a show on the Food Network that seemed to be a combination of dating show and cake-decorating competition. Unfortunately, I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes – I didn’t tune in till the four contestants were moving their cakes from point A to point B, which seemed to be an element in the cake-decorating competition – so I’m not at all sure what the premise was. Equally unfortunately, the person whose TV it was came back and confiscated the remote, so I never did see what the name of the show was.

Am I hallucinating this? Was there really a combination dating-and-cake-decorating show on last night? Does this show, whatever it is, always combine these two elements, or is it always a dating show (with different food challenges), or always a cake-decorating show (with different client-situation gimmicks)?

Food Network has a series of cake decorating shows on various themes (Disney, gingerbread houses, wedding cakes etc). This was merely one of their (less successful, IMHO) versions of the Cake Challenge show.

Especially if it’s just a cake decorating show. The flavor and texture of the cake doesn’t really matter, it’s all the fancy decorating that counts. But I think flavor of cake should be a judging element.

The show is “Food Network Challenge.” They occasionally do stuff like pizza spinning and stuff like that, but it’s normally cake decoration/sugar sculpting.

Sometimes the flavor of the cake does matter. I usually watch this every week (yeah I know) and sometimes the judges don’t eat the cake, they just comment on it. Other times, the chefs have to provide a sample of their cake so points can be awarded on flavor, texture, etc. I think those are the birthday cake episodes, when they have special judges who are actually going to feature said cakes at parties.

The point of the episode you saw was that four bachelors needed to convey everything they knew about the woman to the decorators. Then she would choose her date based on the cake. I actually don’t think it’s the most horrible idea in the world, but they never met her, so on how on earth were they supposed to convey her personality?

What a country!

It was Food Network Challenge Blind Date Cakes was the name of the episode.

And so it was “cake decorating/dating show.”

My favorite one of those was a “family” challenge. In the first half, the chef had to talk two of his/her family members through cooking something while the chef was in another room and couldn’t see what the family members were doing, they could only go off what they were hearing the family say via head set.

In the second half, the chefs cooked with their families. One guy had a meatball based recipe…his dad thought the meatballs were delicious and started giving them away to the studio audience. There was nothing left once it was time to plate.

I felt really bad for that guy. You could tell he was very distraught. :frowning: