It's a good thing I don't carry a gun.

I’m walking down the street in my own neighborhood coming from a job where I do my small share to contribute to society and lead a productive life, when I pass a man sitting out on his stoop.

“Fucking niggers!” the man said and slammed back into his house.

It took a minute for the words to sink in and by that time I was half way up the block. I wanted to run back and beat on his door until he came out and then kick his ass like a fucking nigger should. I was halfway back to his front door, shaking with rage before I thought better of it.

That vile, bile infested, shit-souled bastard ruined my whole day. I tried to forget about him, but the memory keeps returning like the taste of sour milk.

How did black folk live through the '50’s?

Pus-tongued, fecal brained motherfucker.

Thank you for letting me vent.


Hey I hear it from time to time here in the south.
I think these mental midgets group any and every person they can into general catagories they can blame and hate for any and everything.
It is that poor misguided dink-dink’s loss he does not know you or anything about you. The fact you try to contribute to society is a noble thing no matter how small it is.

Ignore the man, People who judge another by their looks, religion or beliefes are not worth the time getting angery at. You cannot change their minds with reason, just with action. Continute to do the right thing and ignore the puss-nut.

You got angry, rightfully so, because you have pride in who you are and what you’ve accomplished in life. Dickless wonder that he is, he made the comment because he has no pride in himself and has to try to rip someone else down to his low level to compensate.

The best revenge is to continue living your life well, and let him rot in his dank maggot-infested hole.

Every time I see or hear of something on this order happening, it makes me want to rip off their heads and shit down the hole. Where do these idiots get off calling other people names and worse?

Exactly who is the hell was it that decided that whites are more superior to blacks, or blacks are more superior to asians, or asians are more superior to mexicans, etc? I might be white, but I am not superior to anybody. Period. And nobody is more superior to anybody else. It makes absolutely no difference what color a persons’ skin is, or what nationality they are.

If I ever judge anybody, which is not often, I do so on the persons actions. NOT on the color of their skin or their nationality. I don’t pretend to be anywhere close to the smartest guy that ever came down the pike, but I can say that this for a fact – there a lot of “non-white” people that are a lot smarter than me. Do I hold that against them? NO! In fact, more power to them.

Racist assholes ought to be strung up by their (insert body part here) in full public view with a big sign around their neck that says something like “I’m an asshole because I’m a racist.”

Biggirl, you did the right thing by not going back to his house. Hopefully, someday, this kind of shit will no longer exist.

All I have to say is what a mother fucking racist pig. I hope he chokes on his own bile.
I have faith that the gene pool is slowly clorinating fuckers like him right out of exsistence.

Just for walking by? I wish I could say I was shocked or surprised. But I’m not. Saddened? Yes. Some people just can’t ever get over what they were taught. And hate like that is taught. This person didn’t pick it up on his own, he learned it from someone else.

But there is a part of me that knows if I turn around and hate him, I’m doing the same thing. Let me put it to you this way; his hate is wrong, but my heaping hate on top of it won’t help much. It will just entrench him further and perhaps give him even more justification for being the way he is. IMHO you were right to walk away.

I’m glad you ranted here; spew it out of you and get it off your chest and mind. It took a lot of fortitude to just walk on by. Console yourself with the thought that you rose above it and didn’t give in to the baser instinct. That is the true mark of an adult, the true mark of a feeling human. And the true mark of a realist; you know this gink is one of thousands, but again, I believe he is one of a dying breed. Thank God, the Gods or the Goddess, people like that are on the way out!

The first thing I thought when I saw your thread title was damnit we don’t need that attitude. That’s what gets the anti’s fired up.

However upon reading your thread I can only say what a fucking idiot that guy was/is/always will be and I understand the point you were trying to make.

Fuck him!! His life is so sorry that the only way he can get joy is by inflicting pain on someone else. Obviously the bastard didn’t have the guts to say it to your face or stay on the porch after he said it.

Nice job on your part thinking better of it. You never know these days. He might have been waiting inside the door with a shotgun.

Just remember, life evens out…he’ll get what’s coming to him. That is if his miserable, piss ant life isn’t his punishment.

This is gonna sound crazy, but this is an opportunity to have some fun.

First, you have to get over it. I’m not saying that to be flippant. The sooner you get over it, the sooner you can turn it to your advantage. Just seeing you ruined his day, I’ll wager. Then he had the poor judgment to let you know that you ruined his day, which ruined yours, too. But if you don’t let it bug you, you can amuse yourself by jerking him around whenever you feel like it. Consider it cheap (if stupid) entertainment. You can even show off to your friends.

you peek out your window and see Mr. United Nations on his stoop

“Hey, guys…five’ll get you ten that I can piss that guy off just by walking in front of his place!”

Then you pop out for a little walk, rain on his racist little parade, go home, and collect on your wager.

Just remember, Biggirl- generally, racists are people who are cast-offs of society looking to blame their problems on some larger group keeping them down.

That anger, rage, and hatred you felt about him? He feels it about himself, every day and in every way. He’s a loser, and he knows it, and the only way he can continue going from day to day without blowing his own brains out is to transfer some of that well-deserved self-hatred onto some other person or group.

Next time you get angry and pissed because some bigot decides to vent, grab that rage and hold onto it. Examine it. Remember that what you feel right then will pass- but that ignorant cock feels it about himself all the time. Revel in how much he hates it. Rejoice in all the bitterness already coursing through his system; as much torment as he causes you, he is in himself all of the time.

At least, that’s the way I like to deal with such things.
John (who is a wop, not a spic, no matter what other people might shout out in anger.)

I can’t imagine how. Osip said he hears this sort of thing from time to time in (I assume by his profile) Alabama. I grew up in South Louisiana and I go back occasionally. There is still a long way to go. The only (small) consolation I have to offer is things are getting better.

Of course, you know you did the noble thing walking away, cuz you are better than he is and all that. But, if you should discover you aren’t as noble as you thought, and you decide to go back and bust his sorry ass (and you know you want to), then sell tickets. Put me down for two tickets, please.

Oy, what an ass.