It's A Grand Old Hillary

Not especially able, compared with Democratic predecessors such as Johnson or even Obama, Hillary Clinton has been unlucky with her own projected legislation — not of course with legislation she voted for, such as the Iraq War or The Patriot Act where others did the heavy lifting; just with stuff she sponsored.
Therefore it will be interesting to see if she can revisit her old failed projects and persuade pet congressthings to introduce the old wine in new bottles. Particularly her darling vision of 2005, The Flag Protection Act, which bombed miserably.

She will be able to work well with the GOP, far more so than Obama and Sanders, neither of whom have her canny neo-liberal instincts for horse-trading and giving away the farm in return for minor concessions, and in these more patriotic modern brutalist times it is difficult to suppose any Republican would reject voting alongside her loyal Democrats to protect Old Glory, compared with those softer gentler times of Bush II.
Outraged and horrified by the insolence of the commons and left-wing communard anarchistic protest, Mrs. Clinton introduced a bill to prevent disrespecting the American Flag, by way of ritual burning etc.; with penalties of a year in jail and individual $100,000 fines — which would be enough to bankrupt any dissident and keep those dirty hippies locked up — it contained a clever little shiv any magistrate could insert to get around free speech concerns: they would merely have to declare that the desecration was a threat to Public Safety [ *Le *Salut Public ] and therefore to be prosecuted.
No one wants to see months of work go down the drain, and this was obviously urgent to her, so can she as president immediately oversee a reintroduction of her past programs to congress ?
Of course the fines would be higher now, with inflation.

You know, based on that OP I have the vague impression that you rather dislike Mrs. Clinton.

Still desperately hoping that the GOP candidate will be facing Sanders instead of Clinton, eh?


I’m sure there’s a point to this, but I’m not sure what it is.

More a rant, really. Off to the Pit.

That’s sad. If you read it I am asking if a new president can sponsor pet legislation previously defeated, particularly in the honeymoon period.

Previously in Elections.

No, it’s an anti-Clinton rant. Which you are certainly welcome to; just don’t insult everyone’s intelligence by claiming otherwise.

And no experience! She has never even been Secretary of State!

Flag burning? Who gives a flying rat’s fuck about flag burning?

When she picks a fight with the Republicans in her first year as POTUS, I hope it’s over something worth fighting about.

So, one might ask, was Mrs. Clinton up to mischief or trying to do an end run around even worse mischief?

Right off the bat did Sen. Robert F. Bennett [R-UT] (the guy who was the actual sponsor of the bill, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton [D-NY], Barbara Boxer [D-CA], Thomas R.Carper [D-DE], and Mark L. Pryor [D-AR] were just cosponsors) introduce H.J.Res. 10 or was this bill, S.1911, being proposed as a substitute?

SCotUS can overturn bad law, it’s lot harder for them to overturn bad amendments.

CMC fnord!

Claverhouse, Hillary Clinton is going to be the next POTUS.

Just accept it.

When Ms. Clinton is president, and she comes out against flag burning, I fully expect the Republicans in congress and in the media to be completely unequivocally in FAVOR OF FLAG BURNING.

If Clinton is against it, they must be for it. For Republicans then, flag burning will be seen to be one’s patriotic DUTY, and only dirty nasty commies and hippies would be against it.

Yup. And on the day after the Inauguration, Mitch McConnell will state that the top priority of the Republican Congress is to see that Hillary will be a one-term President.

What makes you think he’ll wait that long?

She has absolutely lousy qualifications. Half of a political partnership that ran a state for twelve years and the country for eight. Senator. Secretary of State. Yale Law Degree. Partner at Rose.

Seriously, you might as well run Palin.

The Republicans know none of their candidates can beat Clinton.

So they’re stockpiling their propagammo for the next 4 years. Anything they can scrape up on her, no matter how dated or silly (see the OP) or many-times-debunked, will be filed away for use at every opportunity.

And on the day after that, President Clinton will state her new priority is to see that Mitch McConnell will be a one-term Senate Majority Leader.

I think that will be the new tenor of the White House. President Obama generally offered compromises in an attempt to win over his opponents and was repeatedly rebuffed. I believe President Clinton will instead choose to fight back against her opponents.

That’s the point. It’s old news. Anybody who was going to be swayed by these accusations made up their minds twenty years ago. None of these accusations are going to change anybody’s mind in 2016.

Me, too. Another reason I love her. I think she’ll breathe fire and she has the brains to salt the earth afterward.

Still got my 1992 “Elect Hillary’s Husband” campaign button.