It's a long shot, but can someone help me remember this game?

I have wondered what this game was for years now, and just now thought to ask the dope. I don’t have a ton of info so bear with me.

It came out before the original Ghost Recon. I remember it being similar, and it may have been an early prototype. The graphics were good for the time, it was a realistic squad based shooter. I think you had one or two AI controlled squadmates. You could go prone, which was a fairly new feature for those type of games at the time.

I think the setting was near future and may have involved aliens. You main weapon was a single rifle that could change into different weapons to serve different functions. It would act as assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun all in one.

I only ever played a demo, not sure if the full thing was ever released. First level was outdoors where you assaulted a base. Second level was inside an alien area (maybe).

It felt like Ghost Recon, in a Far Cry universe.

Prolly not enough info, but it’s been bugging me for years.

Sounds like Codename: Outbreak.

Ah, bravo sir.