Its a long way down the Holiday Road Oh Whoa Oh Oh Whoa Oh Oh!

Is this song available on CD at all?

I can’t find it anywhere. Not on any Lindsey Buckingham releases (or compilations) and I can’t find any evidence of a Vacation Soundtrack.

Is it available online for download?

“Holiday Road” isn’t on the National Lampoon’s Vacation soundtrack? Are you sure?

From AMG
Ebay auction (ends soon)

To clarify: The problem is that I can’t find the National Lampoon’s Vacation soundtrack available. I think it may no longer be in print.

Thanks, Mr. Blue Sky, you posted while I was typing.

So e-bay is my only option? I guess it’s completely out of print then, gotta go with the used?

We’ve got a bunch of record/CD shops around here selling used copies of stuff. That’s where I would go first.

There was a limited edition issued in 2003, but it was only 20,000 copies.

Good luck.