It's a long way from Nigeria to Hong Kong

The other day, this showed up in my inbox:

Let me get this straight.

[li]You’re the director of an unnamed bank in Hong Kong[/li][li]You’ve become aware of an unclaimed account to the tune of $10,000,000[/li][li]This account is about to revert back to the bank[/li][li]You would rather this money go to some random stranger you’ve written to[/li][li]You’ve cooked up a “risk free” scheme to defraud either the bank or the estate of the guy who deposited the money, take your pick[/li][li]You’re using your Yahoo account to find the one guy who will do this for you[/li][/ul] Uh, huh.

I sent a two-word reply, the first beginning with ‘F,’ the second ending with ‘U.’


It just blows my mind that there might be people out there who actually believe this BS. How utterly ridiculous can you get?

I’m surprissed that he’s not asking to share the money though I’m sure that’s coming later.

Hey, what’s the big idea? Huan sent that message to me and now he’s involving you too? It was supposed to be a secret just between the 2 of us. :mad:

Okay, okay. We’ll split it. Sheesh.


I got one of these letters the other day. Although mine was from Tonga ( wherever that is) the story was almost the same down to the amount.

The thing that wigged me out was he had my real name! Spelled correctly and every thing. I do not know how he got my name as I ALWAYS spell it wrong when I sign up for stuff or use any service on the net.

Sure wasn’t my bank account or he wouldn’t have bothered!!