It's about time!- or - My dad has finally seen sense.

I’m 18, as is my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for over 6 months. We’re both at university, but unfortunately, not the same one. Neither of us can drive and while we’re at uni we live 3 hours away from each other. During the holidays we live 5 minutes from each other. But my dad has a stupid rule that my b/f can not stay over. (Obviously he can when I’m at uni, but not when I’m at my parents during the holidays).

My parents have decided to move. The new house it a 20/30 minute drive to my boyfriend’s house. So due to my guilt tripping about moving away my dad has changed his mind. And is even buying me a double bed! Hurrah!

It’s about time!

I suppose this means we’ll have to stop sleeping together? :wink:

Nah. Where would be the fun in that? :smiley: :wink:

(Oh, and I’m really tempted to add your quote to my sig line!)

[ul]Seen sense?? :confused: [sup]Do you by any chance mean “My dad has seen the light”?[/sup][/ul]

IMHO your dad has lost his sense of values. :o [sup]But so it goes![/sup]

Yep. Thats exactly what I meant. They mean the same thing. At least where I am anyway.

By all means add it.

Or you could just change the one you have to “Eat right, exercise daily, sleep with dutchboy208, die happy” :wink:

Huzzah, my dad’s letting me and my boyfriend boff in his house for convenience’s sake. Glorious day!

Hey, I think it’s worth celebrating! For years, when my now-husband and I would visit my parents, we would sleep in separate rooms. Mind you, we were living together at the time. But I’m absolutely willing to concede: their house, their rules.

Me too! :smiley:


notes new sig Yay!

well good for you Gemma. its nice to be tret like a grown up instead of a bairn.

Yeah…we parental-units are very fond of the ‘Denial Defense’…that provided we don’t let you sleep in the same room together, you’re going to be good, moral little kidlets!! It doesn’t work though.

I gave my daughter my ‘blessing’ to share her room with her boyfriend when she was 17. However, I think it might have backfired on her, because her younger brothers were enamoured with the boyfriend, so any time they spent ‘alone’ together was spent with a couple of little brothers wanting to share in the excitement. Best. Contraceptive. Ever. :smiley:

Well good for them. My parents wouldn’t let me and my g/f share a room in their house at the age of 25 - even though we’d been living together for two years. Then when I got engaged, my fiancée and I were allowed to share.

Denial’s not just a river in Egypt…