It's All About the Farmer

When a thread was opened to praise me, the Farmer, I didn’t even find out about it for almost 24 hours.

When I did find out about it, I specifically requested that it be closed, as I was not comfortable with being praised as a new member.

The moderators refused to lock the thread.

After I pissed off a few moderators, a number of their sycophants entered the fray with the specific purpose to flame me.

I persevered. I accepted valid criticism, and I am still here.

I say this, in the Pit, because I am sincere: If I express unpopular opinions, you should feel free to continue to flame me. I did not come here to become part of an incestuous little community. If you can dispute my facts (in ATMB, CCC, CCR, GQ or GD) or my opinions (in IMHO, MPSIMS, or the Pit) then please feel free to do so. But if I do not conform to the Orthodoxy of this board, that is not a valid reason to reject my posts or to reject the Farmer as a member.

I have opened this thread specifically to invite the flames of those of you who cannot deal with me on any other level. Knock yourselves out.


Can we all please just ignore him until he goes away?

Good Lord, but you’re self-obsessed, aren’t you? Don’t most people grow out of this phase at about age 18?

Why on earth would you think that 99.99% of the people on this message board give a monkey’s left nostril whether you live or die?

Write something that annoys someone and they’ll slap you for it. That doesn’t mean that any animosity persists, unless you perpetually annoy people in which case you’ll be banned. If that’s what you’re after then knock yourself out. You wouldn’t be the first and you sure as hell won’t be the last. Most of them are forgotten within about 2 weeks.

If you do seek to be one of the dozen or so posters who make it their life’s mission to be a cliquey as possible then similarly enjoy it. That doesn’t seem to be the case (at least you declare it not to be) but you are SO absorbed by your own words that I wouldn’t be surprised should that be your long-term aim.

Either way, the paranoid persucuted bad-boy attitude is just old. Don’t you realise what a cliché you’re being? It’s boring, dude.


Would a moderator please close this thread?

Interestingly, our rules specifically state that we can revoke membership in this message board for any reason or for no reason at all.

Among those reasons may very well be simply the fact that you are an annoying, self-absorbed git.

Hope that helps.


That would be a negative vote, yes?

What, specifically, displeases you, Francesca? How can I help?

And since when am I a troll?

And… you proceed from a false assumption…

…I am not going away.

I was here before you were, and I will be here after you are gone.