It's Christmas in March! (DFW Xmas dopefest pix)

Yes, that’s right, I have finally gotten around to posting the pics from the tree-trimming party I hosted last December. It took me that long to come up with just the right captions.

Xmas at Cheffie’s

(Okay, I lied. I threw the captions together this afternoon… I’ve just been lazy.)

Well, I haven’t looked at all the capt… I mean pictures yet :wink: but you did your usual wonderful job!

Hey, Chef, great set of pictures and your captions were wonderful. I obviously missed a good party that time.


Did you get as far as the one where Aglarond is clearly checking out your tush as you bend to hang an ornament on a low branch? leer

I only noticed it because I was checking you out in the picture and then noticed the odd angle of his head. grin

It certainly wasn’t carefully cropped to heighten the impression if that’s what you’re thinking.

Saw that one later last night. Thanks, Cheffie :smiley: