It's dawn - at 8.50 am

I can just see the Sun starting to peep over the horizon.

Wouldn’t be like this is you were Southern Piper. :wink:

And I thought 0707 sucked…
The only good news is today the daylight is only six seconds less than yesterday. We are rounding the corner!

Nitpick: that’s sunrise, not dawn.

Dawn, per Wikipedia, is “the time that marks the beginning of twilight before sunrise.” IOW, when the sky in the east first becomes visibly lighter than the rest of the night sky.

9:13 here. Stop hogging the sunlight.

Tomorrow, at 5:22 pm is the Winter Solstice. Sunset is already a few minutes later, but sunrise still has a few minutes until the latest. Then we just have to get through winter.

And it was dusk when I left the office at 5 pm.

Northern Piper, where do you live? I don’t want anything more specific than state or province (or nation, for that matter).

Stop complaining.

The people who live in Barrow, Alaska last saw any sun light at all November 18th at around 1:45 pm.

They won’t see any sun light for the next 65 days! In other words it will be dark until January 22 and then the sun will “shine” for only for 57 minutes.

Here’s a live webcam from Tromso, Norway, a city of about 25,000 (!) just a degree or two south of Barrow. True, the sun will not come up for a couple months, but it’s not like they’re constantly living in total darkness. They will have a few hours of what’s known as civil twilight (enough light to do ordinary activities) each day.

If it’s sunup at 8:50AM, you must be quite a bit north of me, and I’m near the 45th parallel – halfway to the North Pole.

Sunup here is 7:30AM-ish now, but it usually takes another 10 minutes or more before I see the actual sun. We have a phenomenon we call “the mountains of Michigan” many mornings. Even though the skies are mostly clear overhead, over Lake Michigan to the East are a rim of clouds near the horizon, caused by temperature differences between the lake and sky. This means the sun has to rise over those “mountains” before it shines in my window, but when it does, it is a sudden, powerful streak of horizontal light. My furnace shuts off for a few morning hours on those days.

I’m jealous. Maybe I should look into Barrow. (Sun is the evil.)

Northern Piper is at roughly 50.5N. I’m at about 52.1. But we’re also in a bit of a geographical oddity where we’re effectively DST year round. Official sunrise here today was 9:13 but sunset wasn’t till 4:56 which puts local solar noon at 1:05pm (bit earlier for Piper who’s also a bit east of me.

Sunrise here, at just north of 49 degrees, was 8:25 AM today. Sunset was at 4:33 PM.

On the shores of the Mighty Wascana, due north of Texas. Way north.

Going to work in the dark, with freezing rain just for fun!

In a week, I’ll experience sunrise at 5:41 am. The next day it’ll be at 4:55 am, and a few days later, it’ll be up all day.

I’m psyched.


FTFY. :smiley:

One of the oddest experiences of my life was walking around Edmonton at 10 PM in late June and seeing the sun out while the streets were deserted and all the stores closed. This is just the opposite side of the coin. Here in Montreal, the sun rose at 7:32, but we are 1.5 degrees east of the center of the time zone, so it would be 7:38 there. Of course, we are also 5 degrees further south.

It seems I’m approximately the same latitude as Northern Piper. But from tomorrow the days get longer.