It's freezonious in the MMP

It twas 65° last evening… IN the house! :eek:

Nope, not gonna totally wimp out on the first cold night; the HVAC is still in the “Off” position, though I did switch out from the summer blanket to the spring / fall weighted one. This made a tough decision when the bladder woke me up; do I go relieve it or stay under the nice warm blanket?

Stoopit fall! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Since this OP doesn’t lend itself to a native pre-hijack question, what was the first car you purchased?
*“Freezonious” is too a word.

1967 Lincoln Continental. Bought it in 1972 for $550. Beast of a car, but gas was still 32 cents a gallon just then.

Happy Moonday!

Up too early, since 3:30.
Ripple woke me up so I would sit up, and he could jump up into my spot, where he then curled up and went back to sleep.

It’s a dark 55 degrees outside. According to my phone it is raining, but I’m not going to open the door to see if that is true.

First car that I purchased? I can’t remember.
My first car was a truck, 1975 Chevy LUV, but it was a combination birthday/graduation gift. It would have cost $3013 but since my father got an employee discount he paid $2980. I had a lot of guys ask me when I would take them for a ride in my LUV truck. I loved that little truck. It finally died and then I bought another small pickup, I think it was an S-10. I wouldn’t swear to it though. It could have been the Isuzu pickup.

Have to start getting ready to take Ripple to the vet.
I also see a nap later today.

1967 Chevy Chevelle - I bought it in '75 from the dispatcher at our flying club for $200. Sold it 11 months later for $195. When I see what Chevelles of that era go for, it makes me wish I’d held on to it. Except I was in San Diego and in April '76 I was transferred to Newport, RI - not a trip I’d have wanted to make alone back then.

My first NEW car was '76 Datsun B-210. Like an idiot, I sold it to a friend after 2 years. I wasn’t too car smart back then. I’m much better now.

Bad night last night. Not only did I wake at 1:30 with tummy issues, but when I finally fell back to sleep around 3, I kept dreaming that I needed to go to sleep because I had to get up at 5, but people kept disturbing me. There was a train crash near my neighborhood (and no, there isn’t a single train track in this county - the nearest one is about 20 miles away) then there was something about goats in my car. Also, for some reason, my husband removed the towels from our linen closet so our guests wouldn’t see them, and my sister showed up with several huge, floppy Christmas gifts (or so she said) wrapped in shit-brown paper. And somewhere along the line, I was on a cruise ship, still looking for towels. All the while, I remember thinking “Am I dreaming this? What time is it? I’m not going to look or I’ll never get any sleep.”

Needless to say, I’m exhausted this morning, but I plan to leave at 11:30 - some friends from FL will be visiting for a little bit this afternoon. Till then <yawn> Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 68 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 90 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Freezonious hardly! :smiley: Today I shall spiff da cave. Shouldn’t be too strenuous a task as it’s not all that ick. Alas, however, dustin’ and vacuumin’ must be done. Tonight would be men’s night over to the church house, but we decided to cancel this month due to the fact that many people are still without power and the fact that their is a seven p.m. curfew for Albeeeny still. Thus, we shall have steak, baked N.O.T., sallit, and cheesey garlic bread at da cave for sup.

My first car was a 1967 Pontiac Catalina that I bought in 1970 when I got my driver’s license. The thing was a tank and I loved it. My first new car was a 1978 Chevrolet Impala which I kept for twelve years. 'Twas a good car.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I don’t remember the exact make and model of my first car; I know it was some sort of really Grandma-y car. Pretty sure it was an Oldsmobile of some sort. The car completely broke down about 3 months later; I left a good chunk of my car on the highway.

I’m working 4 10-hour days this week so I can have Friday off and still get my work done. I’m running a fundraiser for my church next weekend, and I need Friday to start inventory on the donations. But since the event is next weekend, I’m going to take some PTO next week. And I have to get my work done sometime… But man, do I hate going to work before dawn.

This early and still down the list? Sheesh!

OK then – from last week first –

a) Arrrgh-Kansas of course. I may shoot at Brits but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

b) Or that blows; American English is like that as a language.


The furnace kicked on twice yesterday/last night. As I said before, we basically never turn our furnace totally off with 62 being the default setting to start itself up.

The first car I purchased on my own was a used 1958 Edsel Pacer. I had both the extended-family Hudson Hornet and a Hudson Jet before that (as well as several motorcycles but you did say car) but I did not technically purchase them. OK, I had to shell over some cash; but basically they were heirlooms in a manner of speaking. Think of them both as hand-me-down clothes ---- that buttoned three-on-the-tree.

And since you didn’t ask, my first new car was a 1981 Chevette Scooter. It was also the worst POS-car I ever owned even with all the vintage stuff I bought and fixed and crappy bottom-of-the-line new cars I’ve had. And that includes my 1972 Pinto with exploding gas tank and all. That Scooter (or Schooner as we called it – like you call that huge guy “Tiny”) had this over-designed shifter with way too many plastic parts and every time the weather turned hot I would lose my pattern and just have to feel around for the gears until I dropped the tranny, cleaned everything out, and stuck it all back together. In 8 years we only drove it around 42k because basically it sat most of the summer. But it did get to the point that I could drop it, do the rebuild, and have it back together in under 2 hours with basic home jack-stands and tools.

2 degrees F this morning. 25 inches of snow so far this October. Hopefully I will get the plow and chains on my plow truck this weekend. Had to ‘plow’ with the tractor a few days ago.

First car? 1962 olds 98. Used. 7 mpg in the city, but did at least double that on the road.

Morning all. It’s still in the 70’s here so sleeping in was not an issue (albeit a quick trip to the W.C. got me up at 5am) and so I stayed in until near 8am). Got some cleanup jobs to do, since I have been so lazy I might even make a list, because once I have a list I get the jobs done so I no longer have a list…

Mooooommm, you have the second most entertaining dreams I read (there is another–non-MMPer–friend out Oklahoma way who just edges you out). I barely ever remember mine.

First car ever was a 1960’s-something Ford Galaxie 500 my uncle gave me on my college graduation; car still cost me a bundle as it lived up to the Ford name (Fix Or Repair Daily). First car I bought for money was a 1971 Chevy Vega from my neighbor and the first new car was a 1980 bright Orange Mercury Bobcat. Both the Vega and the Bobcat were manual transmission so I learned to drive with a stick for those years.

OK, some browsing about the web and cleaning (I promise) after foraging for sustenance.

My first car was a 1969 Chevelle. It was blue with three on the tree.

Blurfage. Just waking. Three nights in a row for good sleep. Knock wood.

No real plan for the day. Just winging it.

My first car (for college graduation) was a 1979 Ford Futura. Brown, with pumpkin pleather interior. I called it the SBFF (Smart brown Ford Futura). Drove it from Illinois to Washington DC, then relocated to Minneapolis, then back to Chicago. The car had an ashtray, but no lighter. Yes, I smoke in my car.

First car was a hand-me-down mom-mobile, a 1976 Plymouth Volare station wagon. This was at the start of emissions controls, and the beast had the odd habit of going faster when you took your foot OFF the gas.

Years later, and handed down to a cousin, it met it’s fate when a giant tire rolled off a big scary truck and crunched the top of the car.

Josh and I just exchanged a series of snarky emails - gotta do something to deal with Moanday - and he wrapped up the conversation with this:

I literally LOL’d. I’ve done several hundred drawings for him for 2 different projects. He could paper his walls with my drawings and not run out! Is it any wonder I enjoy working with him… :smiley:

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift tonight.

My first car was a 1989 VW Fox. Which was a fun car for a ulta basic compact. The first car I bought was a 1996 Ford Escort wagon, AKA “Deathmobile”

Spidey, I thought the MMP title would be about the Freecycle Zone. But after it being 50 yesterday morning, it’s gonna be 81 today.

Mooooommm!, I dreamed I was at work, and it was zero visibility fog, with hurricanes force winds.:dubious: I don’t remember if I had towels in my dream.

Baby goats? You must be kidding.

I keep it on until June or July. It doesn’t cost anything, & if you get a cold night late in the season (Mayish), it’s nice. On this end, I try to hold out for Nov, but can always rough it thru the first cold night, especially since we weren’t even (officially) mid-Oct yet. Looking at the forecast for later this week (Thurs high of 50 & lows in the 30°s both before & after that looks like I may very well have to turn it on soon.

I had a hot & steamy morning this morning

I stood under the showerhead for a long time to thaw out. :wink:

That would be in the Pit. At some point, people just need to let & go & realize somethings are destined for a landfill. My favorites are, “I opened this box/container/jar of _____ & don’t like it.” There’s no way in 'ell I’m taking an open box/container/jar of food from a complete stranger; especially, when it’s like a $2.99 box of cereal new & unopened. I understand money is tight, very tight for some people but no, just no; throw it away!

It sure is quiet around here today.

I’m torn between taking a nap or trying to get some stuff done without my little helper. It’s a lot easier without him, I can walk between the rooms upstairs without worrying about closing doors behind me.

Someone is pretending to be my pastor and sending out emails asking for iTunes gift cards. I guess a bunch of people got emails this morning asking “for a favor.” The people who go the emails are people who have offered to run things for my parish over the last year-ish … as in people who have put their email addresses out there in promotional materials/in the church bulletin.

Some a-hole combed through the archive of bulletins, harvested email addresses and tried to prey on the kind people who volunteer to help the church. Feel what you will about the church or organized religion, but you gotta admit that it’s low to prey on people who are just trying to help.

My first car is one of my standard security questions. Nice try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ta for cornbread recipes, it’s remarkably hard to find cornflour here (easy to get corn starch though, which we call cornflour, just to confuse things). I’ve got a week off skool next week (yeah, I know, barely started and a week off already) so having a play with recipes seems like a plan.

Playing with tiny plants again today, was kinda funny today, the lady running the lab had said she’s been having trouble keeping up now she’s only there two days a week and on her own all the time, so I’d offered to come help, as well as do my project. Get there today, and she’s there, the lab tech from my uni branch is there, as is one of my lecturers, all there to have a go. Far from being a bit bored by herself, we were queuing up for the equipment…

Weather-bastard was harping about a “hard freeze” coming last night.


I spent all day harvesting 32 pounds of green tomatoes, fearing they would get wiped out. Now, this morning, the damn guy says we’re going to have a “warming trend” and will be nice the whole upcoming week. :mad:

I’ll bet those tomatoes would have been fine, and would have ripened up nice on the vine.

Sometimes you just can’t win. :frowning: