It's Jeporady....with Dave Mustaine!

So I was sitting here perusing the Dope while listening to Jepoardy on TV.

The catagory…not sure, but the questions were read by celebs. The question…something like
“This part of my band name stands for a number, which number” as read by Dave Mustaine.

The answer of coarse is Mega=Million.

I figure that to get to Dave Mustaine they must have run really low on celebs. (#1)


#1. I love MegaDeth but never thought Dave would fall into Celebrity catagory.

I love how diverse they are. It’s no surprise to see catergories ranging from Hip-Hop to Entomology.

I would have smiled had I seen Mustaine on Jeopardy.

The category in question was “Greek Prefixes” of something like that.

So did the contestant get the question right?

I would have been so excited I probably would have screamed “KILLING IS MY BUSINESS, ALEX!”

I guess old Dave is recovering well from his wrist injury, selling all his old guitars, and embarking on a solo album… say what you will but he’s my favorite musical personality.

I’ll take “Spelling Bee” for $600, Alex!

As I recall, none of the contestants rang in.