It's just not Christmas until I see Santa riding an electric razor

Ah, OK, I never saw the ad, and didn’t guess what happened.

Am I the only one who had a house where santa preferred a dozen cookies a dime bag and and 40 of 8-ball or king cobra on Xmas eve?
Of course I think the cookies were consumed after the dime bag tho….

actually in la you knew it was xmas when KCOP 13 ran "yogis first xmas " the weekend after thanksgiving and KTLA ran the Hollywood xmas parade a week after that
I don’t think Neither stations do it anymore

All those ads show SAnta riding on a triple-headed electric razor, but originally he rode on a two-headed one.

That Campbell’s chicken noodle soup ad where the snowman becomes a kid after eating the soup. It was clearly made in the 80s but they were still running it in 2012 last time I watched network TV. You immediately knew what it was because on HD networks it still had the 4:3 presentation and that video hiss as it played.

I’m struck by how massive the handles / bodies were on some of those old-line Norelcos.

I drank Miller beer for a few years in appreciation of this commercial

Norelco! My favorite since I was a kid.

(And for those that say advertising works, I’ve never bought one in my entire life.)

JAQ is not the last person to post in this thread. Just sayin’.

It is not the holiday season until I hear the Hershey’s kisses commercial. That has to be the most effective commercial without any spoken dialogue.

Of course, my favorite use of a holiday song in a commercial is Staples’ “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Whoever thought of that one was a marketing genius.

I agree! I think the elf riding the razor is one of the elves from Rudolph.

Ewww. Those extra few seconds make it even worse!

In Nashville and environs, this is the iconic Christmas commercial

For my money, you can’t top hearing Big Daddy singing “Silver and Gold” instead of shouting about mendacity in the basement.

Y’know, I understand that people think that one has a creepy incest vibe, but I just don’t see it.