Holiday Commercials We Like

If it were not for the fact that it’s on tv, this would go in MPSIMS, but I love the Verizon pony commercial.

The actors are great. I love the looks on the network’s faces. Plus, I remember that it’s for Verizon, which makes it a successful commercial.

That’s all.

I’m going with an old school one.

Nestle makes the very best!

ETA: This is a better version.

This one from Finnair has been airing on Euronews over the last few days. The version I have seen has the final caption and voice-over “Finnair - the official airline of Santa Clause”

It reminds a little bit of the Coca-Cola polar bear commercial.

Mine is more a “winter” commercial than a Christmas one, but I like the Campbell’s soup ad where there is a knock on the door & it opens and a snowboy comes inside & sits down to a bowl of hot Campbell’s soup. As he eats, the snow melts away to reveal a little boy.


Garmin GPS has a catchy song, with the video of the guy lost trying to get home after buying a wreath. I love the line “There’s the moose again”

Youtube linky

OKieDopers will say it’s the B.C. Clark commercial.

It’s not the production of the visuals, which are fine if nothing remarkable, but I really like the song in this Target commercial. It’s probably going to get annoying, but right now I think it’s catchy and fun.

I was going to mention this, but what really makes the ad work is the final lines:

“Does it bite?”

The delivery of the final line is just perfect. Cracks me up every time.

It’s an oldie, but I’ve seen it this year: the hershey kisses arranged to form a christmas tree that act like a bell choir. Especially the last note one, who goes “whew!” after a long ring.

Another fan of the Verizon Pony.
Every bit of it is great, from the Verizon dude’s nervous sideways glance, to the delivery of that final line.
My whole fambly loves it (tho Tin Man seemed bent on testing our max tolerance for repeated views!)
Man, that’s one mean ass pony!

Oh, I came in to talk about the Verizon pony. The unearthly sounds it makes! That ad is going to put little girls off ponies forever.

There was a credit card commercial that aired for years. It featured the familiar (but usually unnameable) face of Bill McCutcheon. The commercial was done to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but in this case it was “On the first day of Christmas, my mailman brought to me. . . one credit card bill.” And so forth. The first time, McCutcheon just looks at it, raising an eyebrow, like “OK, I’ve been expecting this,” but his looks becoming more concerned and suspicious with each passing day—and another credit card bill. Don’t remember what the commercial was for, just that he kept getting more and more bills.


I came in here to mention the pony one.

Another one I love is Kaye’s, I think. Not because of the commerical itself but because of my son’s addition to it. The kids are reading:
T’was the night before Christmas and mom didn’t know
That dad’s right behind her with a box and a bow.

To which my son added:
And in there all nestled inside
Is a rock for which many Africans died
So I laugh whenever I see it.

The girl who delivers the “yeah”, the one who received the pony, looks familiar. Was she the bratty teen in Third Watch?

Ok, so it’s only a holiday song, but I love love love love love the Staple’s “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” commercial.

As far as I’m concerned, this is now a late August song. When I hear it at Christmastime, I’m all smiley thinking of dancing with shopping carts at back-to-school sales.

Yes, that commercial stood out to me for the same reason. On investigation, it turned out, the song is a reworking of Jim Noir’s “My Patch”.

another vote for the Verizon pony ad… Even the color/lighting makes the whole situation look even more dark and evil.

and now we know why her fingers appear to be bandaged…

Yep. That’s Bonnie Dennison. She also appeared in a recent commercial for DanActive yogurt.