Holiday Commercials We Like

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I’m not sure if it’s a holiday commercial, and hell, I don’t even remember all the content, I just remember liking it. Anyways, I seem to have a soft spot of the Easy Button commercials, it’s a damn clever concept it is. Anyways, there’s one out now where a baby get’s a hold of one. I thought it was funny.

Good grief, I came into the thread to mention the pony ad. Then I saw it was right in the OP. Well okay, I can mention the best part is the “Does it bite?/Yeah.”

Some days I think the new motto of the SDMB should be “Apparently, delphica hasn’t had an original thought in her head since 1973.”


You can call me weird if you like, but Carol of the Bells always kinda creeped me out. I think it’s something about the key. Anyway, even if I liked Carol of the Bells, those commercials annoy the heck out of me.

Give me that commercial for some beer company with flashing lights synced to Mannheim Steamroller. It’s almost not a commercial.

I like the M&Ms commercial where the two M&M guys walk around the corner and right into Santa Claus:

M&M Number 1: He does exist!
Santa Claus: They do exist!
[Santa faints.]
M&M Number 2: Uh, Santa?

I love that one! And all the 7up ads. Nostalgia is a big thing for me.

asterion-Carol of the Bells has always creeped me out a little, too. Not horribly, but it sends shivers up my spine. The first time I remember hearing it was in “Home Alone” during a tense scene, so I thought maybe that was why.

I like the classic Folger’s ad, mostly because they’ve been running the exact same ad for years - poor quality and all. (You Tube Extended Version)

I also like the ad for the American Dairy Council (link) Made us think twice about what we left for Santa for a couple of years.

And ditto on the M&Ms and Hershey’s Kisses commercials.

I actually like the Carol of the Bells, especially when it is done as on the piano. Which is why I don’t like the Garmin advert using it.

I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but I always loved the one for Campbell’s soup. It has a snowman coming inside a house, then eating a bowl of Campbell’s. It warms him up so much that he starts to melt, and you realize it was actually a kid.

I came in here to not only vote for the pony ad but to also suggest that her delivery of that single word is so perfect that she could get a series out of it, but it looks like she’s already had a couple.

I guess I won’t even bother posting the link to the jingle :frowning:
That’s exactly what I came in here to do!

As shallow and consumerist as they are, I do like the Kohl’s DeLovely holiday ads.

Which one has the little girl who’s asked “Do you believe in Santa?” and she answers “I believe in cashmere!”? Because I hate that one. I KNOW it’s a take-off from a Fran Lebowitz quip, and sure, it gets them culture points, but something that’s amusing and witty from the mouth (pen?) of an adult woman is really kind of skeevy from the mouth of an eight-year-old girl.

The old-time Norelco (?) razor-sleigh one w/ Rankin-Bass style characters

Yesterday, I saw a good one w/ Santa giving a little girl a Coke at various stages of her life as she grows up till she becomes a Grandmom.

The recent Pillsbury cookie roll one in which Dad eats the cookies a little boy leaves for Santa & the little boy has a total meltdown till Dad bakes a new roll of cookies.

That one cracks me up too. Especially the guy on the ladder doing stuff on his house roof, who gets conked in the head by a GPS unit. As he crashes heavily to the ground, the GPS intones, “Now arriving at destination.”

Kills me every time.

I really like the Pony commercial. I love how it shows the hilarious reality of what has to be the most common little girl dream present ever - this sort of gross, awkward, kind of scary and vaguely threatening animal totally out of place tethered up in a suburban back yard. My favorite little touch is her lightning-fast “YEAH” response to “does it bite?”

An oldie but a goody.

“I didn’t leave him cookies, I left him cheese!”

Santa needs some protien, after the sugar in all those cookies…

My submission, and I normally hate Jack-in-the-Box commericals, are the ones for the new holiday ball. Not because its clever or anything, but because of the diclaimer on the bottom of the ad:

It’s stupid, but I laugh every time…

I have always found Carol of the Bells really ominous. It’s become my favorite Christmas song recently because I still find it creepy and ominous–it’s a relief after all the other holiday music crap.

My favorite commercial is one that probably annoys everybody else. It’s for the easy-to-make sugar cookie mix. the little boy comes downstairs and freaks out because he sees his dad eating Santa’s cookies. The father trying to explain, “But Santa is a good guy!” to his increasingly hysterical son cracks me up every single time.

Me, too. I think this has something to do with that…

Best Buy (in Canada, at any rate) has one that gets me laughing every time. Customer, who is in his early 20s and is wearing a portable keyboard on a strap around his neck, is talking with Best Buy Guy. Paraphrased dialogue:

Customer: So I don’t know whether to get my girlfriend an Ipod or a song I wrote myself.

BB Guy: Well, a song written just for her would be a very special gift. Can I hear it?

Customer (playing keyboard badly and singing way off-key):

Oh baby your love is my human right
Don’t worry, my bark is worse than my bite
It’ll be anything but a silent night…

BBGuy: So we’re going with the Ipod then?
On a different note, I used to love the Budweiser commercials showing the team of Clydesdales pulling the Bud wagon through the snowy countryside. Beautiful!