It's karaoke, not Star Search

Yes, you have a lovely voice and it’s quite pleasant to hear you sing. You used to be a lot of fun to socialize with, and were fun to hear sing. Then, you decided you were a Diva. Now you come in with you little diva and he-va friends, try to get pushed to the top of the rotation, and then throw your self-presumed weight around.

Part of the fun of karaoke is watching the folks with less talent than yourself have a blast with it. Sure, they may be off-key or not quite hitting the right rhythym, but they’re having fun!! When you and your “entourage” make fun of them, boo them, try to out-sing them on their song, it’s not only rude but you’re really pissing off the other customers! Knock it off!

It was a little flattering, at first, when you would sing a song or two that I had done on a previous occassion. Now it has become an obvious one-upmanship, since you run to put in a song I just sang, then, when your “performance” is completed, you and your diva/he-va friends all high-five each other, point at me and laugh. Very mature.

FTR, I sing professionally and have done so for longer than you’ve been alive. I go to karaoke to have fun, not compete. I like watching the fun-timers who really don’t care that they don’t sound like a star - that’s part of the show. Please note that I said you have a nice voice, a pleasant voice - nowhere in there did spectacular, star-quality, outstanding, or any other rave appear.

Last night was the last straw. Nice young lady and her well-behaved and humorous group of friends come in to celebrate her birthday. Her friends took their turns singing, and continuously urged her to do the same. After much prodding, she got up to sing - that’s when your true bitchiness hit high gear. You yelled over her, sang over her, made loud & very rude comments about her, all through the song. When she finished, the whole bunch of you booed her & made cat-calls. The poor girl broke down in tears and that just made you laugh harder. You cum-sucking guttersnipe!!!

I hope the owner throws you out - forever! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubic region!

For karaoke to be fun for everyone, you can’t have people like this in the room. It’s inexcusable for people to make fun of other participants to the point that they cry. What a tactless bitch.

Sounds like this wanna-be needs a dose of Simon.

I’m not sure if I made it clear in the OP, but this Diva used to be a really nice, fun person. It’s just been in the last few months that she’s decided she’s some sort of star. Has changed her manner of dress to rock-star-dreadful, gotten several tattoos in what used to be rather private places, and started hanging out with a rather odd assortment of hacks who never really participate (except to on-up or make fun of someone else).

I felt so sorry for the birthday girl. Her birthday and her night were ruined. It was obviously the first time ever for her to try singing karaoke and now, because of this goat-raping fuckwad, she may never come back or try karaoke again in any other bar. How sad, because she really was funny and cute and there is a shortage of well-behaved young people in my neck of the woods. I would have enjoyed seeing her and her friends again. But that may not happen. So sad.

Not to hijack the rant (because your Whitney-wannabe is a true piece of slime mold), but is it considered impolite to sing along to someone else’s performance as long as you’re not trying to oversing them? Because I just started to attend karaoke nights and I have a bad habit of following along and I don’t want to be seen as a jackass.

No, it’s not impolite to sing along - some folks even appreciate it, so long as your not so loud as to oversing them or drown them out.

And, jayjay, welcome to karaoke! It can be a great load of fun! Hope you enjoy it!

Punch her in the mouth.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Whnm I’m callling yooooooooo OOOOOOO oooooo OOOOO!

I used to love Karoke, my voice is not great but When I did my impersonation of Elvis it got a few laughs. These people are nasty little pieces of garbage. If there are quite a few regular patrons I would set something up where everyone got up to go to the bathroom every time they would go on. perhaps that would give them the message.

No need to lower yourself and boo just go to the can and leave the area where they would have an audience.

what a clot.

How pathetic: to put on airs and assume you’re “something” because you can sing . . . kareoke?? Jesus - That’s as pathetic as trying to lord over someone because you’ve got a higher score at putt-putt.

Kareoke is fine and wonderful as a diversion, and I’m glad there are a lot of people who get something out of it, such as stress-free pseudo-musical expression. What this person needs, more than anything, is a good solid laughing-at.

I hate to point out the obvious, but have you explained to her how obnoxious and rude her behavior is? You appear to be friends (or at least acquaintences) with her…why not tell her what you’ve outlined in your OP?

I, and many others, have spoken to her about this. I started with a polite “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but…” hoping to open a dialogue. What I got in return was, “If you don’t like it, don’t come in here anymore.” I’ve not been a witness to actual conversations others have had with her, only have second hand information that she pretty much responded in similar fashion to them, as well.

FTR, have been going to this same club for the past 25 years, seen it through 4 changes of ownership, and have been friends with the owners & employees all this time. The Diva started coming in around October 2001.

With her new “attitude”, none of the regulars will try to communicate with her anymore.

The person running the karaoke show should be addressing this- it’s rude, immature, and ruins the spirit of the whole idea of karaoke. She sounds like a class A snatch.

Wow, and I thought cover bands were lame.

Please, please tell me this person is below the age of 15?

Nope - mid-20’s, sadly.

As a fan of Karaoke, and a person who loves to go just for fun. I find this sickening. To actually boo a person out? To drive her to tears on her birthday??? My god.

I myself will wince if someone hits too many notes wrong, but I would never think of doing something like that. It’s part of the experience. You get the good with the bad. (Heck, I can be both good and bad depending on the day) You aren’t there to listen to star caliber singers, rather you are there to have fun.

As a friend to an ex-Karaoke DJ (whom I never used our friendship to get more songs in, or anything like that) I would think he would be sickened too.

The best fun is when you are bad, and playing Combat Karaoke. You can laugh at yourself and your friends and go nuts.

shakes her head That’s just so sad. Maybe you should get the other regulars to talk to the owner and have her banned? I certainly think that putting to tears other singers would be a banning offense for a Karaoke bar.

Well, in the good old eye-for-an-eye spirit in which this great nation was founded (i’m sure i read it in the consititution somewhere), i think you should yell over her when she’s singing. And not just a general sort of yelling - personal abuse along the lines of “You suck, you stupid cunt” would seem to be appropriate.

Just my 2c.

Kingpengvin, I like the way you think! :slight_smile:

Also, maybe y’all could whip out paperbacks or newspapers and thus show your pointed lack of interest while she caterwauls. Yawn copiously if you do happen to look up at her.

You could do the old ‘opening act for Metallica’ thing, where you all face away from the stage and flip her the middle finger over your shoulder.


There are some good ideas here, although the evil side of me really likes mhendo’s idea. And then, when she complains, you can tell her that if she doesn’t like it, she can stop coming there…

Really, that is completely nasty, and lame at the same time. I think a coordinated response is definitely called for here–newspapers, bathroom break, or insults, it probably doesn’ t matter which, pick one and let her have it.

Complain to the managment?