Karaoke: Why do so many disapprove?

I’m not a singer nor do I play one on TV… but I enjoy watching and listening to others sing.

I usually find Karaoke to be a major hoot with the gawdawful singers,bless their hearts… and they are good for lots of laughs.
Hey, they get my vote just for having the nerve to get up there!

BUT… more often than not, there will be singers who totally blow me away with their voice… who SHOULD be recording…
Why do so many people make fun of this form of entertainment?

I like karoke, and will be appearing at the karaoke kid in Madison WI quite often, maybe even tonight.

Sometimes it is quite funny watching people trying to sing, or trying to sing songs that just don’t work for karoke.

I always have a blast going to Karaoke. I haven’t got a note in my head, but I go up there and have fun. And the place I go to is great becuase folks are just enjoying themselves, it isn’t too serious.

I think it’d be fun to go and participate, but if your local bar has a karaoke night, and you’re trying to converse with some friends at the bar, some putz mumbling his way through “Walk This Way”, punctuating each chourus by screaming it at the top of his lungs would be annoying as all hell.