It's MIF dammit! MIF!

Did anyone use MILF (Mom I’d love to Fuck) before American Pie.
For years it was simply MIF (Mom I’d Fuck). A perfectly simple and adequate acronym.

Then this movie comes along and makes it into this lame-ass baby-talk.
It sounds like a word you’d make up in 5th grade. Like Qwiffe.

Please forgive my ignorance, but:

What the hell is Qwiffe?

Isn’t a qwiffe a snatch fart ?

Caught, the one you’re thinking of is pronounced “kweef”, but since I don’t know the spelling, I’m unsure.

I thought it was “queef”?

And for the record, “MILF” was the code word of choice in my high school years before “American Pie.” Never heard “MIF” before I read your post.

I’ve been using MILF since late 96, early 97. I’ve never heard the term MIF. When I was in high school, we’d just say something like, Hey Man, Your mom is hot, I’d tag that.