It's my 20th DopeDay, peoples

I was part of the AOL community (JThorn1934), but didn’t participate too much. Waited to migrate, to be honest, because I liked the way the AOL forums were laid out better than VBB or whatever was being used back then. But the writing was on the wall for AOL and I arrived here 20 years ago today, my wife 7 months pregnant.

(God, I put this reminder in my calendar like 7, 8 years ago, lol.)

Don’t have much to say because there is too much to say, but it’s been a fantastic trip so far - I’m a better person because of the SDMB, a better writer, and I appreciate all of you for your part in it. Even you.

Uh… some landmarks:

My first post/OP was a question which is easily answered by YouTube, a thing which didn’t exist when I asked it, inspired by a now-dead Harlan Ellison. Based upon avatars, 5 of us are still here:

Since I registered, I had a baby. The baby is now 19 and financially independent in NYC, the baby’s dream since the age of 12. Obviously, she is no longer a baby.

My politics have changed a bit too:

The way people interact with each other is vastly different since July 7th, 2001, as told in my first Uber tale, the one with the Time Traveler…

… as well as how my daughter, and her friends, are constantly in each others heads as well as lives, living a mental landscape unknown to us Olds…

2 million words, 10,400 topics created, 27,000 posts, 20 years, a life’s journey I would have never imagined on this date in 2001.

Thank you @Ed_Zotti, @Cecil_Adams, all the admins and moderators who gave this place a reason for being, gave it the right reason for being, and have kept it going all this time. Your efforts mean more than you will ever understand, and despite the debates raging currently, it is clear: the necessity of a shared, consensual, fact-based reality is greater than ever, and a Board dedicated to that mission is equally crucial.

RIP Tuba, Jonathan Chance, Opal, more, too many more for me to list. You are missed daily.

And most importantly, all of you who have touched my life… however fleetingly… in these past 20 years, just thank you all as well. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you.


It’s a bit odd how some of us have large swaths of our entire lives cataloged here, isn’t it? The good and the bad, the embarrassing and the proud. I guess a sense of humor about oneself is required. Something I’ve always struggled with, personally, but you seem to have it on lockdown.

Glad you have enjoyed your time here. :relaxed:

Happy DopeDay JohnT! Hope you stick around for another 20!

Awww. You’re very welcome. :blush:

Love this

Congratulations! You don’t look a day over six weeks – red demon eyes notwithstanding.

Fuck Sgt. Pepper.