It's my birthday, my b-b-b-birthday....

You’re all welcome to a piece of my birthday cake… warm, rich, gooey marble cake with chocolate frosting!!!

I’m finally 19! Woo-hoo!

Happy B’day, tsarina!!

Sweet 19, eh? I (sorta) remember that… back in, uh, 1985, maybe…? Take my word for it: life just keeps getting better and better (ignore the rough spots; we appologize for the inconvenience)! I envy you the next ten years; they will be the best/most exciting/most interesting years of your life (after 29, they will just be the best of your life! :smiley: )!

Can’t accept the cake, tho… I’m on a diet! Give it to someone else. :frowning:

Many happy returns!

Can I have Astroboy’s slice of cake too? [sub]Mmmmm…cake…[/sub]

Happy Birthday my fellow Aries! I just celebrated my 26th last Thursday. Enjoy the last year you’re a teenager… the best is yet to come!

Bon Anniversaire!

Hope you’re having a great birthday tsarina. It’s a really good time to have one. :wink:

Happy birthday, tsarina. I would like you to dance. Take a ch-ch-ch-chance.

::wonders if it’s too early to start a cake fight, as he hates icing on cakes::

However, I love eating the stuff when it isn’t on cakes. Weird, I know.

Happy Birthday, tsarina. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year.

(19? Suddenly I feel old. :))

Happy day, tsarina! Don’t leave your cake out in the rain.

Well, speaking as your best friend who ever-so-thoughtfully forgot to send a card, pick up the phone, or procure a gift (heh, sorry about that), I will now treat you to An Original Composition:

Ode to Kendra: an epic Limerick
There once was a girl from East Lansing
Whose Hindu boy wouldn’t go “dancing”
She got him alone
And for reasons unkown
The two of them never…[sub][sup]something something, rhymes with “dancing,” damn, I was never very good at these and it would turn out too dirty for a MPSIMS thread anyway, hell with it happy birthday.[/sub][/sup]

You might want to save a copy of that to have me sign; one day, it will make us both famous.

And when are you going to get some taste and get a nice white cake with fluffy white icing? That I will share.

Happy birthday, buddy! :smiley: