It's my birthday!

And I’m 18! Woohoo!

Can’t stay long, I’m to buy some beer. And some porn. And a violent movie.

Then I’m gonna vote and gamble and get married and… and have sex with a man!!!*

Why? Because I can, damnit! Muahahahahahaha!
[sub]*a lie[/sub]

Happy Birthday. :slight_smile:

Be thankful you’re not in AL, or you’d be screwed for another year.

Who’s going to join Chicken at the Pink Pussy tonight?

(I hear drinks are on him…)

Go on out, get drunk, and kick the S**T out of some poor defenseless animal!

I’m just playin

Happy birthday. Go get laid.

Happy 18th! Have a good one! :smiley:

Ah, the excitement of youth. I sincerely hope that you recognize the town or city that you wake up in tomorrow. Or that you don’t. Whatever you were going for.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Chicken Lover!

How nice to be eighteen, with your whole life ahead of you to enjoy…


Happy Birthday! I wanna be 18! I would already be in college and away from my parents. :slight_smile:

Well, she could vote here, see an X-rated movie, or get drafted, but not much more. You have to be 19 to buy cigarettes in Alabama, and 21 to do just about everything else.

And happy, happy 18th birthday! When I turned 18, back in…(unintelligible mumble) you could not only vote, but you could do just about anything else you wanted to do. Of course, I did all that when I was 14, too…because back then nobody gave a rat’s ass how old you were, as long as you LOOKED old enough not to get them in trouble.

There are still places like that around here, I’m sure, but being the ripe old age of (more under-the-breath gibberish) I have no idea where there are, nor do I care.

Happy 18th, again! It’s a great age…if memory serves correctly.