It's National Coming Out Day. FYI, I'm a total homo.

[sub]and breasts[/sub]

Hi, world. S’up?

s’up, Dao?

Today it was proposed to me that bisexuals should embrace the word ‘sliders’. I kind of like it and felt like putting it out there.

Also, I was in a big gay poetry slam. Egad.

As Kinsey’s scale went from 0 to 6, I can’t imagine where this puts you! :slight_smile:

And of course none of us has ever fantasized about where it could put him…

I’m bisexual as well…that felt kinda good to say :-p

In this area sometimes it’s difficult to find a safe place to say it.

If you’re ever in the SWVA area, xgxlx, do come by. I have a safe group of friends.

Well FWIW, October is Pride Month in Western Australia.


“Sliders?” Guh? I dun understand.

We are in a defunct sci-fi series with Gimli?

Esprix, do you have something you want to say to us?

But you can’t be gay. You have 50 children!

Now, that one boy of yours. He claims he has a girlfriend, but no one really likes her, I’d keep an eye out on him.

Oh there’s plenty of safe people around here too. Really the only people that don’t know is my family…and there’s no reason for them to know really.

Hey I’m Greek. Its all cool.

As for Paris… I always suspected he was a nancyboy. But thats all right… I slipped Achilles in through a postern gate and asked him to have a few words and told him I love him no matter what.

'Nother ‘Slider’ checking in.

I actually came out two days before National Coming Out Day.

I have such a crappy sense of timing.

And I’m also really, really bad at explaining things. My best friend now thinks I’m gay. I’m not. I’m bi.

But it feels good to say. So let’s say it again.

I’m bisexual. I think boys are pretty. I think girls are pretty.

shyly waves flag I’m really not good at this.

We don’t have to be good at it, we just have to be fabulous. :wink:

Shocked. Shocked, I am.


Or, possibly, a plate of pint-sized hamburgers.

I’d rather be called “bi.”

And I didn’t miss National Coming Out Day, I’m fashionably late for it.

Really, really fashionably late.

Whoa, if that’s the definition of bisexual, then I need to come out as well. :smiley:

I’m heterosexual and married, but polymorphously perverse. Can I hang out with you fabulous folks anyway?

Also, I think that in honor of National Marriage Week or whatever that guy wants to call it we need to have lots of hot homo loving.

Hello, ladies…

I am gay. Flamingly. But y’all knew that.

Carry on.