Today is National Coming Out Day, and I feel enormously homosexual.

I’d also like to feel an enormous homosexual, or even a tiny one, but that is beside the point.

Does anyone have any coming out stories they’d like to share? At this point I’ve been out of the closet for ten years so even the lichen on the trees knows that I’m a dyke, so today I went around telling people that, actually, I really enjoy Vin Disel movies.

The following string of smilies represents both gay pride and the general reactions to NCOM.

:mad: :cool: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: :confused:

If I hadn’t come out, I wouldn’t be six months (and counting) into a great relationship. Today at lunch, our school’s GSA (gay-straight alliance) had rainbow sherbet and rainbow stickers. Only the person responsible for the stickers made some sort of mistake and there was no red on them. But it was fun anyway.

I… I like Kelly Clarkson.

Gah. It feels good to get that off my chest!

Incidentally, I came across your NCOD thread from 2000 today; I was wondering if you’d start one this year, too.

2000? Damn. Amazing what changes in five years. Do you have a link? I’m curious.

And yeah, I’m nothing if not a wee bit predictable.

Sure. It’s right here

Interestingly enough, my post in that thread was also about liking a musician (Eminem).

Then we can accuse each other of predictability, I suppose.

How do you get those threads that are that far back? When I look at the records of my post here I can only go back to The Middle of Hell, 2003.

So, um, how about those coming out stories?

Well, this one was easy because, since I’d read it earlier today, I knew it contained the word “Eminem”. So I just searched for that term in threads I’ve posted to in IMHO. I had the results displayed in ascending order. Your thread was the second one.

The search cuts off after the first 750 results. If you want to find older posts, have the results displayed in ascending order. Your first post. Your intro thread.

Sometimes, when I’m really bored, I search for posts I’ve made containing random words. It returns interesting results and I often wind up getting posts that aren’t included in the first or last 750 of my posts. (Earlier I searched for “eminem”, which is how I wound up with your 2000 thread.)

I came out to a patient yesterday. That’s always fun. He asked me if my ring meant anything special, like that I was married and I said I am as married as They’ll let me be.
I enjoyed his confused look for a moment and then explained that my partner’s a woman. Does that count? Ooh! Ooh! And to the nurse I was trying to make an appointment with today as well! She was asking me demographic info and asked if I was married or single. I told her my situation and asked her what she thought :smiley: . So, yeah, I’m just burstin’ at the seams, here!

Make things simple on yourself, jellyblue. You’re married. “They” have neither the authority nor the power to decide whether or not you’re married. Marriage is a matter between the persons involved and possibly God, so if you say you’re married, you’re married.

Thanks, Chronos. It’s the way I feel all the time, really. Plus, I have the reception bills to prove it!

It’s just strange when I stumble across some of those weird little boxes that seem to make so much sense to the general population (the next question the nurse asked was “Maiden name?” :rolleyes: Oh, we’re both Maidens, thanks!)

I’ll have been out for one year come Thanksgiving. And it’ll be my first anniversary with SolGrundy about two weeks after that.

channels Annie Lennox Aaaaaand it feels like I’m 17 again…

8 years out, and counting. PH33R T3H K4NUCK GH3YZ.

Been out forever. I have no big coming out moment. Just know I’m gay is all. I’m 51 years old, so I’m guessing it’s not a phase. :smiley:

I’m also seeing a wonderful, sweet, loving and strange man right now. Hell, we’re both strange. Guess that’s why it seems to be working out so well.

National Coming Out Day. I always get this mental image of debutantes running around all over the place wearing white gowns and white elbow length gloves. What? Didn’t I already say I’m strange?

Gah! Brilliant! And, I should add, echoing everything I ever said about gay marriage. The Man has no fucking business deciding who’s married and who isn’t, just go do it.

And yes I know the complicated issues about survivor benefits, etc… so please don’t assume I’m oversimplifying, just spouting off.

Not gay, so not coming out, just reading the thread and I felt compelled to say "Brilliant!!"

And that’s just the guys.

I’m coming out…

…in support of homosexuality.

Rainbow pride!

If you were a guy you could be my soulmate! :wink:

I like the idea of having a National Coming Out Day. I have been out for so many years. I do get a kick out of telling new folks sometimes, especially here, in the buckle of the bible belt. Sometimes their reactions amuse me.

I came out as bi to my parents in November 2003 and my mom demanded I leave her house which led directly to me moving to Oregon where I enjoy more friends and a better job than I ever could have hoped for in Tennessee.

It was probably the best decision I have made in my adult life until this point.