It's National Coming Out Day. FYI, I'm a total homo.

This has been a public service announcement.

Thank you.

Why. Why. I had no idea, andygirl. I’m so shoxered.

I know, I know, I’m causing all kinds of scandal.

But hey, it is important to say now and again. Especially for those who haven’t before.

I suppose that means no nookie for me?

You can get nookie from me, dutchboy208. I’m as straight as a coathanger.

Or at least, you could have gotten some before I got engaged…

It’s that time of year again? Second one since I came out. How the time flies when you’re having fun.

Already ‘out’, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again!!!

Don’t think we have this day in OZ, and don’t think it would make any difference anyway. We’re liberated down here but not to that degree!

We have the Gay Mardi Gras, which is a pretty big excuse for a party Gay or not, I guess if you march in that you’re ‘outing’ yourself. And if someone see’s you on TV (yep we televise it) you’re ‘out’!!!

Please, sugar, I’m a Kinsey 7!

Always the way… if they’re not lesbians, they’re engaged… <sigh>

And in my case, male (you never did any coming out in here, dear dutchboy;)).

I’m bi.

I couldn’t wait for October so I came out in February. The funniest
part is that it’s been a big collective “Well,DUH!” from my straight friends. I guess all that flirting gave me away.

Hell, some of my straight friends thought I was gay until I told them otherwise.

Fortunately I seem to have happened upon a group of people who didn’t give me grief over it.

Is it really? Heh.

I’m bi.

Specifically told a friend today that no, I’m not a lesbian, no I’m not bi, I’m completely straight.

Hmm. Irony, thy name is ‘closeted’. Or something.

I am not a total homo. I am only half of a homo. But I’m half of a BIG homo.

I don’t recall ever having been particularly closeted because I am weirdly naive.

w00t, andygirl! r0xx0r out, yo.

Even though it’s not the day anymore, lemmee wave my bi sign around.

Sooner or later I’ll let my parents and brother know. If it ever becomes need to know kinda info. I just don’t wanna go there. I guess that’s a bad thing to say on almost-coming-out-day, but hey, all you folks know now!

I thought you could only come out once. Don’t you have to go back in the closet before coming out again? Is there a National Closet Day?

Not to pick a nit or anything.

Uhh yeah…
I’m gay. I hear the shocked gasps already.

These confused feelings come and go sweetie. You just haven’t found the right man yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub](a man with a vagina)[/sub]