It's Not An Urban Myth , It's True

whenever I read about packs of nuts with warnings I thought it was an urban legend. But no. On Saturday I bought a selection of nuts in their shells. Printed on the pack were the words May contain nuts and nut traces. So I had bought the right product then! The company selling this product is called All Nut Healthfoods , so that is another big clue to what I was buying .

This is just as bad as the Californian walnuts I bought last year . That had Remove shells before eating printed on the pack. :confused:

You mean a package of nuts might have nuts or traces of nut products in them? And they were manufactured in a plant that also produces nut products??

My hair dryer has this huge tag on it that says "WARN CHILDREN OF THE RISK OF DEATH BY ELECTRIC SHOCK!! So I take every opportunity- “Kids, ya know… YOU COULD DIE OF ELECTRIC SHOCK!!”

Also, please try to keep in mind that you should never curl your hair while sleeping.

That reminds me of a time a friend of mine drank bleach.

We were cleaning our place, and we wre adding bleach to a bucket oh hot water to wipe the counters. We got to reasding the warning label, and it included things like:

Do not get in eyes
Fumes may be dangerous
May irritate skin
Do not mix with ammonia-based products

And all that other good stuff. However…no where did it say do not drink/consume. So, my friend took a swig of the water we just added bleach too. :eek:

We were thinking we might be able to get him to drink straight bleach, and when he got sick/died, sue the company and cash in, but we decided it mgiht be a bad idea.

On the back of the pack of smoked salmon I was eating:

Warning, contains fish.

Frankly I’d be pissed off if it didn’t.

Yes, I would certainly say that would be a very bad idea.

Since he’s not a family member, I see no reason you’d have a claim. You need a dim-witted brother or something to pull this off.

I just think that every time there’s a stupid warning on a product it’s because someone actually did the stupid deed and sued the manufacturer.

I don’t know about the veracity of what’s listed there but Dumb Warnings is a fun read.

But you must be realy stupid to buy a pack of nuts if you have got a nut allergy.

On my hairdryer: Do not use in shower.

Uh…yeah. Because, I’ve got an electical socket in my shower. And I try to dry my hair whilst standing under a stream of running water.

A very important lesson to thread scrollers: I you passed up on the link LS provided, you missed some of these from the Top 25 Warnings Page:

I had a camera with the warning to turn the camera off should it begin to smoke.

Well duh. Everybody knows cameras should stick to chaw.

I have just thought of another couple of idiotic notices I came across , both in the bathroom of a hotel.

On the heated towel rail * Warning, may get hot*

On the hot tap Warning, hot water

Talk about the bleeding obvious

Great it has my all time favourite:

Jonsreds Chainsaw
Do not attempt to stop chain with hands.

My wife’s done that, actually.

My brewkettle has a sticker on the front of it, between the spigot and the plug for the thermometer, that reads “CAUTION–CONTENTS MAY BE HOT.”

Given the fact that I don’t live with, and therefore would not expect, a heated towel rack, I think this notice is far from idiotic.

Lame by comparison, but the kitty litter box I just bought says it’s safe to use the stuff around animals.

That cracked my shit up. :slight_smile:

My favorite “dumb product warning” was one I read in an email forward I think. It said something along the lines of “do not turn this box upside-down” but it was printed on the bottom of the box!

Sort of off topic, but the “for Sale By Owner” signs can sound dumb if you don’t know that it probably differentiates between the item being sold by the owner or a real estate company/broker/middleman (I’m guessing that’s the difference).

I always wanted to get one made up and put on my car that read: “For Sale By Thief.”

Sir Rhosis

The coffee at Jack In The Box is labeled “Warning, hot coffee is hot”.
I first noticed this not long after McDonald’s got sued because their coffee is too hot. :rolleyes: