It's not hippie mustard, don't worry

Well that’s a relief. :rolleyes:

Interestingly, French’s Mustard in Ireland and the UK is known as “American Mustard”, of the French’s brand. Thankfully nobody’s been assinine enough to rename it “Warmonger Mustard”.

[facetious aside]

As we have discovered from Freedom Fries, French = Freedom.

Therefore is the war’s official name actually Operation Iraqi French?

“We will bomb the hell out of you until you cook incredible food and become très chic.”

[/facetious aside]

A laudable goal. You can never have too many good restaurants.

Ok! Ok! I’m heading to the kitchen right now!

And while she’s slaving away on the main course, I’ll be making the canapes …

Ooh! Ooh! Do you make those little crameat and cheese filled Chinese thingies? I love those.

(We’re not against China, are we?)