Sure, freedom fries were kind of lame.

But at least we didn’t attack French based businesses. For some reason protestors in France felt the need to destroy a McDonald’s. That’ll teach us.


Its not just the renaming of “french fries” to “freedom fries”, its the idea that an entire nation could just decide that one which has slightly opposing views (no war, but still anti-terrorist) could become ostracised just because of those views. If France had decided that the “Big Mac” should be renamed the “corporate invasion burger” I’m sure we would have had only few arrogant Americans (because of course we have a shortage of them) trashing little French cafes.

You’ve proved that there are idiotic form of protest in more that just the USA. Congratulations.

Maybe they liked dark meat McNuggets better.

I saw our local MacDonald’s sign advertise a “quarter pounder with freedom fries.” I have to admit that I find this to be ridiculous and distasteful. I mean, what the fuck, is it considered more patriotic if you supersize?

andygirl, If that happened in my town I would seriously consider “fixing” that sign.

Considering the obese nature of a significant percentage of the population, the answer may well be yes.

Today I also saw a bumper sticker that said “You cowardly bastards, God Bless America!”

The linguistics major in me is having a field day with this.

Funny, over here we call that rioting.

McDonalds is discusting. That restaurant has been begging to get trashed for a long long time. I figure it’s just a big coincidence it finally happened in France, now.

I liked the dark meat nuggets a lot better.

On a completely non-war related hijack, I think “Corporate Invasion Burger” would be a great name for the Big Mac. But more for the way it sits like a lump of clay in my stomach than for any real political/economic reason.

Isn’t it kind of silly for there to be a violent protest against McD’s? After all, it’s not as if somebody forced anybody to patronize them. If they are so out of place in the culture, why then, no one would go there, right? Not that I am saying McD’s is a great place. It isn’t, and I don’t eat there myself if there’s an alternative. I mean, if you had a choice of a nice sidewalk cafe or a McD’s (or any other “fast food” place) it is kind of a no-brainer. Food is one thing the French do well. But rioting about it? Jeez.

I agree. I think “traitor taters” is a better term.

A bit of a hijack here. . .okay, a lot of a hijack, but speaking of “freedom fries” and all, well, it suddenly occurred to me, does this mean that Larry Bird’s hometown is now Freedom Lick?

Tens of thousands in French anti-war demo outside Paris US embassy

It only takes a coupla yahoos to spoil things.

What’s newspeak for ‘provocateur?’

Traitor tots?

“Freedom teaser.”

More importantly, what’s the French word?

Funny that every McDonalds I’ve been to in France is always packed to capacity. And I’ve been to several, on many, many occasions. :confused: