Sure, freedom fries were kind of lame.

See, the truth is, you have to understand the root causes behind the vandalism. Now I don’t mean to condone it, but these things don’t just happen in a vacuum. The French have clearly felt so oppressed and marginalized by our imperialistic renaming of their food that they had no other choice but to attack the McDonald’s. I mean, imagine if they called American cheese “social welfare cheese” - how would you feel? In the future, if we want to prevent this sort of attack, we should enact policies which are not so culturally insensitive.

Oddly enough, I’ve heard American cheese referred to as just plain “welfare cheese” more than once.

My chior gave out welfare cheese as an underachiever award. Yea, my chior had its not so PC moments.

And the fredom fries thing is really dumb, I could understand if France were actualy our enemy in this. (no, even then it’d be silly, just more logical) But they aren’t, they’re just bystanders who have expressed an opinion.

Could you alter the sign to take the “dom” off? Hell, I’d go get some if they’re giving them away. Except my cholesterol is already too high.

As far as isolated idiots are concerned, I think the French would have to put theirs on double-duty to catch up:
Vandals target French Cleaners**

Sucks to be an middle-eastern with a “French” sounding business-name-- Good for double-points from xenophobic thugs.

Okay, one of us was just whooshed. Was it you or me?

French fries will always be French fries, as with French roast coffee, French letters and French toast. This does not prevent the French government from being craven, sniveling, retarded, protectionist, disloyal and cowardly morons, it merely means that fine California wine will now sell like hotcakes.

Any questions?

Why not just call them “chips” you mad overseas lot?


'Cause then we’d have to call chips “crisps” and offer them in flavors like “prawn cocktail” and “liver and onions”, and I just don’t see that happening…

And so what if the French burn a McDonald’s, they’ll never get rid of them. Damn things are worse then cockroaches…

Hey muffin, what does your link have to do with french fries or McDonalds?

This happened in Dublin, Ireland, too. A thousand people protested on Thursday evening, and rocks were thrown at the embassy windows. Haven’t seen the US media jumping on that, though.

Isn’t that a bit different, though? I mean, if you’re hurling rocks at an embassy representing a certain country, you’re expressing your displeasure with the agency that officially represents that country. Not just a highly recognisable brand name which happens to come from that country. Not that I like either, really, but it makes a lot more sense to me to be going after a government office than a restaurant.

Mnementh - I was referring to Larry Mudd’s link about the Embassy protest - see my post and Larry’s link.

Which embassy were the rocks thrown at jjimm? The French or the American?

The American embassy, according to Newstalk 106, live on the scene.

French’s Mustard is still a-okay, thank god.

The sudden patriotic rage against the French and Germans rivals Duct Tape mania as the most surreal aspect of the war.

It’s obviously becoming a French tradition to assault McDonald’s.

Mmmmm, California wines

From your second cite, Demise

In other words, the BRA wants independance for Brittany.

Undergarments and pop culture aside, France has got some issues.