Just a rant on the U.S., public opinion and stupidity

Freedom fries. What the fuck? Freedom fries? France is against the war (and they are allowed to be against the war) and every flag waving drone thinks it’s all patriotic to rename their food. And its not just a few people here and there, IT STARTED WITH OUR ELECTED REPRESENTITIVES! The last time we had a patriotic fevor like this against a group the RED SCARE happened. And another thing, French fries don’t come from France, they’re from Belgium. Ohh Ohh… Our friends don’t agree with our war so we’re going to rename our food in protest! And is anyone allowed to disagree with the U.S. anymore? And don’t forget to put a “United We Stand” sticker on the gas guzzler SUV in the driveway. Let’s bomb Texas, they’ve got oil too! Don’t bomb Iraq, Dubya. Your daddy will still love ya. And how is the search for Osama going? Couldn’t find him so we’re gonna find some other guy to make you look good? Backfiring, huh? And after 9/11, those were my tax dollars paying for those bombs that killed civillians. Not Osama, he got away. INNOCENT PEOPLE! And Iraq doesn’t have any connection to Al Quida (sp?), none at all. But what do we care, its over there. They’re all the same, right? They don’t have McDonald’s or Burger King, they don’t speak English, they don’t believe in Jesus, they gotta be evil, right? And back to the fucking fries and France… France has helped our nation a lot in the war on terror, they have given us much helpful information to help bring down terrorist cells and stop more attacks. But they don’t agree with our war so we gotta rename our food. After the revolutionary war France (our ally in the war) could have taken our young weak nation as its own and profited off it greatly. They didn’t. You know why? Because they were nice about it. Not too many people realize we owe them a lot, you know why? Because that would REQUIRE READING! And to quote last night’s SNL (which put it perfectly), to all those who are dumping their fine “freedom” wine into the streets… YOU ALREADY PAID FOR IT!

Just a rant… I don’t care if it sinks to the bottom or whatever.

Nice rant, but where’s all the cussing. I count 2 fucks total. Let me help you out.

Fucking Bush, dumbshit mutherfucker. I hope his goddamn puppet strings get caught in his ass hairs and hurt like a bastard when he bends over to wipe his anus in the shower. This war blows donkey balls. And American cheese probably has more severed American fingers in it than cheese, actually they’re probably third-world fingers come to think of it, let all them blindly patriotic asshats give all their brie to me and eat that crap, and no one tell them the fucking wrapper is still on it.

Now you’ve got yourself a fucking pit thread.

Fuckin’ oui.

I think (it was a very nice rant, which makes it hard to tell) that the OP touched on a few things I’ve been meditating on regarding American foreign and domestic policy for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, I have a history degree and the cold war is so recent that it’s going to be at least another 20 years before I can put my ideas into a form that I feel comfortable posting.

It’s the tension between the political and the moral that I find interesting. If someone is bad morally but good politically, then to oppose him politically becomes immoral. If he’s good morally but bad politically, then to support him becomes immoral.

The one thing that does seem to be agreed upon by the spin doctors and the politicians who listen to them and the people who vote for the pols is that substantive debate is no substitute for symbolic action.

I sometimes suspect that’s why we don’t hear as much about Al Qaida as we do about Ossama bin Laden, or as much about Iraq as we do about Saddam Hussein. Or, for that matter, why we didn’t hear nearly as much about the process of drug adiction as we did about Pablo Escobar.

Saddam Hussein is a sociopathic scumbag who should suffer, as a start, everything he’s ever inflicted on another human being. I have no problem with that idea. Be glad to help. I would, however, prefer that there wasn’t a “Freedom Fries” vendor in front of the grandstand while it happened, and I’d really prefer it if he wasn’t next to a guy handing out government pamphlets about how Iran was going to save us from Iraq if we just support Mr. Newguy in his campaign to shoot everybody who’s in his way so he can be the next big boss.

Oh, and if for some reason Burkina-Faso registered a protest about what I was going to do with the red hot poker, then maybe you all could just note it as another opinion and move on rather than starting a ribbon campaign and having your representatives urge a boycott on all of their imports.

Come on, somebody say something against me.

Well, I’;m with you on the renamimng of foods, the jingoistic crap that passes for “leadership” these days and the incompetence of Dubya, but the rest of it sounds as scripted as peace protestor’s “no war for oil” chant, and about as grounded in reality. That better?

“Come on, somebody say something against me.”

What’s with the freakin’ underbar in your username, dude? Spaces not good enough for ya? Geez, grab some punctuation and capital letters, Clayton, E.
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Umm, ok.

What the fuck is up with that “_” in your name? You think you are too fucking good for a “-” or a plain " ". Well you aren’t mister!

Back when I grew up only royalty and rockstars dared use something as powerful as the “". Now ordinary pissants like you think you can use a "” in your name with impunity? Fuck NO I say! You should be fucking ashamed of yourself you goat molesting, dimwitted, mouth-breathing, bucket of shit. May your TV get stuck on CSPAN2, and your radio stuck playing nothing but Justin Timberlake.



A good romp with a freedom tickler might help you feel better about this whole thing. :wink:

Holy simulpost Batman!!

Seems to be a massive of undercurrent of distaste for your naming arrogance in the Pit.


** _ you!**
Thanks, all. Just writing a bit makes me feel better about it.

Oh, and it’s a Small e.

If you get the reference I’m scared.

Kudos to IHOP for still going forward with the release of their new Stuffed French Toast!

Well, at least here in Arizona……

Good stuff! :smiley:

I wasn’t familiar with the reference so I did a little checking. No luck, but I do now know that you are…

A commie that likes easy cheese and the band Our Lady Peace, hates AOL, has read Culture Jam (tres cool), and thinks it’s funny when Jesus dances.

Also this…
[deleted. Lynn]
Not sure what to make of that one :wink:

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You might want to have a mod disable the link.


cainxinth. do NOT ever post a link like that again. Or you won’t POST again.

**GaWd,/b] thanks for telling me what the stupid thing was trying to do…as it happens, I customarily click “no” whenever something tries to start a download, unless I am TRYING to download a program.

Just in case, I’m gonna run AdAware and a couple of antivirals now.

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woah, sorry yall

Hey, I hear ya, clayton~e (ah, fun with punctuation!). I’d post a proper rant, but it’d get me all worked up, I don’t want to piss myself off more than necessary. Suffice it to say:

Freedom Fries = shit stupid

G W B’s foreign policy measures = stupid shit

Blind patrioism = rediculous egomania

France = a perfectly nice country that doesn’t deserve to be blackballed, and certainly not in an incredibly childish and foolish way.
Grrrrrr. Grr, grr, grr. I’m so embarrassed to be American. Int’l community: Please don’t hate me for my nationality.

Did anyone see the Morning Show a few days ago? I think it was Chris Matthews from Hardball who was on. Fevorish speach (almost evangelical) against France ending with an Uncle Sam type finger pointing to the camera and a stern “Don’t buy French stuff.”


He said (as if it was a fact) that if France had just gone along with us there would be absolutely no need for a war and there would be absolutely no problems with Iraq. I’m sure many people believed him, he is a good speaker, almost like a modern day McCarthy. :mad: