It's not just YOUR thread, Eve!

[Pit newbie here. I’d ask you to be gentle with me, but I guess this is the Pit after all…]

In this thread, Incubus talked about having terrible luck with relationships and opined that he has decided that it wouldn’t be all that bad to be alone for the rest of his life.

Many other people, including Eve, chimed in to say that they, too, had determined that, in all likelihood, they would remain single for the rest of their lives. A few people, including myself, also posted to tell how for many years they had been utterly convinced that they would always be single, until they finally met the “right” person.

Now, if the OP had stepped in to say “hey – I appreciate the success stories, but this thread is really about people who want to celebrate being single,” I wouldn’t have a problem. As it turns out, though, the OP had this to say:

The OP, you see, is willing to entertain the notion that he might someday find somebody, although he doesn’t think it is very likely. Which is, of course, why some people like to talk about how we were in the same situation and how things changed for us.

Eve, however, apparently decided that this was her personal thread, and that it was all about her, when she took it upon herself to post the following diatribe:

Well, excuuuuuuse me, miss bitch queen! I can only assume from your post (“I couldn’t even get married if I wanted to, it’s not even legal in most states! If I found a man who didn’t run for the hills when he found out about me, which also ain’t ever going to happen”) that you are a pre- or post-op transexual. Nothing wrong with that, except that you are therefore not exactly representative of the other people posting to the thread in question. The thread is not about people who can’t legally marry, but about those who have had trouble with relationships and have come to accept the fact that they will in all likelihood never get married.

As for your analogy that, “It’s no different than coming into a thread full of people talking about why they are atheists,” bollocks! The original poster stated that, “I don’t think I will find someone, but I’m not ready to claim that its impossible for it to happen.” A better anology would be a thread full of people talking about how they’ve lost faith in god, a few people talking about how they regained their faith once having lost it, and then a loud-mouthed athiest barging in to decide what the thread is really about and tell anybody who believes in god to Shut. The. Hell. Up.

You obviously have major issues, Eve. Feel free to start your own thread entitled “Who couldn’t get married even if they wanted to?” But don’t come into somebody else’s thread and take it upon yourself to decide what the thread is “really” about and then tell other people they shouldn’t post to it.


Bitch Empress, if you don’t mind.

I will simply refer you to my own Pit Thread, to avoid having to state the obvious, twice.

Sorry, I missed your thread (probably because you didn’t bother linking to it in the original thread).

Nice to know I was correct about your being transgendered, though, as I hate making false assumptions.

I suppose I’ll have to go ahead and wade through all the vitriol you have undoubtedly spewed in your thread, but the fact remains that you came into somebody else’s thread, decided for yourself what it was about, made assumptions that everybody else must be just like you, and then became rude as hell to anybody who dared have a dissenting view. And that is what this particular Pit thread is about. Yes, Eve – this thread really is all about you, so enjoy!


godzillatemple has a good point, though.

You have resigned yourself to eternal loneliness, but lashing out with bitterness at others isn’t going to make your point very convincing.

It seems to me, Godzilla, you are the one spewing vitriol, not I. You seem to have some issues to work through yourself.

And Gorgon, you obviously did not read my thread very thoroughly if you think I have “resigned myself to eternal loneliness.” I guess the parts about how I’m happy being single, have lots of friends and a very rewarding career just flitted past you.

I promise never ever to go back into the original thread, as my contributions there seem to be unpopular and unwelcome. I’ll confine myself to my own thread, and leave you folks to Convert the Sad Heathens to the Joys of Wedlock.

Personally, I’m not trying to covert anyone to anything. If people are happy being single, more power to them, and I’m certainly not about to tell anyone that they need to be married, or that they should be married. If people like being single (or childless, or gay, or whatever), that’s perfectly fine with me, and I wish them all the best.

The original poster in that thread, however, stated that he still held out hope that maybe, someday he would be married, which indicated that he wasn’t completely happy being single. And to people who are single and not happy about it (even though they may have resigned themselves to it), those of us who were in the same boat for many years will continue to state that you never know what will happen and there is always hope.

Once again, Eve, you had no right whatsoever to co-opt that thread and declare that people with opposing views were banned from posting to it. It wasn’t your thread, and your views do not even represent those of the original poster in that thread.

And yes, as a matter of fact I do have issues with rude, self-important people who think everything is about them, thank you very much. If I want to tell them to Shut. The. Hell. Up!, however, I come to the Pit to do so instead of comandeering somebody else’s thread.


Actually, when I tried to read it the net went cablooy and said the page couldn’t be found.

And my snide and perhaps innapropriate comments notwithstanding, I still agree with the OP.

Fine, you have a valid point there, and I do apologize to that OP, and will graciously withdraw from that thread. As for the rest of your personal comments, I do not feel like being dragged down into the kind of mud-slinging so beloved in these threads, and will not nibble at your bait.

Apology accepted (by proxy, since I’m obviously not the OP). Of course, it would also be nice if you apologized to those of us you called “pompous and condescending,” but I won’t hold my breath.

As for the personal comments, mud-slinging and baiting, I thought that was expected (if not actually required) for a Pit thread. Just trying to play by the house rules, doncha know. Really – I’m usually very courteous and mild-mannered, I promise. I’m even told that I grow on people after awhile, like a fine mold…


But … but … eternal lonliness and bitterly lashing out at people go so well together.

Besides, if we’re to have a snarky Bitch Emperess around here, who better than Dorothy Parker’s understudy? All the other halfwit contenders at these boards can’t even hold a lorgnette (or was that a riding crop?) to our Queen of the Boards[sup]®[/sup] (as it were).

Well, several people (I am not singling you out) were being pompous and condescending, so how exactly to apologize for calling them on it? “I’m sorry I was offended by your condescending pomposity?” Hmmm, doesn’t quite cut it.

Just so no one will be dissappointed by a polite, well-mannered Pit Thread: “Goat felcher! Asshat! Wears navy with beige!!!

Navy and beige don’t go together? Seriously? Wow, I’m screwed.

Eve, your photo on your website is beautiful.

Can I ask some dumb, personal questions which I hope do not offend? Okaygood.

Are there places where the transgendered can go to meet people who are interested? If so, does that idea turn you off? Also, have you had a relationship since blooming?

Eh. The goat’s on sabbatical, so we’ve been using a family fo capybara.

Been done. It’s no lorgnette.

I’m glad I don’t have to take this kind of insult, since I wasn’t part of the original thread. But Eve, … some things are just below the belt.

[sub]Double-Entendre is a city somewhere, damnit.[/sub]

Ummm… yeah, like the best things in life!

Holy crap. I’m not exactly a candidate for a Vogue cover, but I thought at least navy and beige worked together…

And yes, Eve is lovely and refined-looking, to the point where I’m near-bitterly jealous and hope to aspire to looking like that now, much less in a decade or two.

• No. Navy and beige do not go together, though it’s a far sight better than, say, navy and black.

• If there are “guys who like transsexuals” club, they would just strike me as . . . I dunno, kinda creepy, like men who are only turned on by women in glasses, or Asian women.

• “Blooming?” Huh? You mean since I became middle-aged, or since I started wearing bloomers?

Blue blazer and gray slacks. As it was and so shall it ever be (Bill Blass be damned).

Oh, yeah, and thanks for all the compliments on the photo: but I assure you, 50% of that is lighting and airbrushing. I’m not a hag, but I am a plain (by that I mean “average”) looking middle-aged dowager. Which I am fine with.

Bless me lord for I’ve sinned. It’s been [sub]mumble, mumble[/sub] days since my last confession.

I’ve worn navy with beige. Many times. I swear I didn’t know it was a sin.

I’ve worn those colors together. I’m so embarrassed. I really did think navy and black were okay - I’m not joking.

Oops. Learned my lesson.