It's Official. I Am Now Unemployed. (don't worry, not a sob story)

(I’m actually a little reticent to post this, but I just hate it when I follow some crisis or life-changing situation and…it just peters out and we don’t know how things got resolved, or not.

I’m not going to link to the 2 subjects which got all of this started, as I’ve already done so once. And, no, I don’t think it’s all about me and my boring life. The search function can pull up the threads that started all of that if anyone cares.)

Anyway, today, I rolled off my assignment in Greensburg, PA. Transferred all of my stuff, briefed those who will be taking on my stuff, etc.

Last week, I went through a massive physical exam for my potential new employer, and I was poked, prodded, and fingered in every opening in my body except for the urethra. They somehow missed that one, thereby spoiling a Grand Slam.

Eyes, ears, nose, throat, turn your head and cough, rectal and fecal bleeding tests, EKG, blood work and urinalysis for drug use, TB skin test. Wednesday, one more round of blood work for liver function, blood sugar, HDL, LDL, and who knows what else…sure I forgot some of the tests. After which, if I pass, I will be going wheels-up for Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Perm position, with benefits, free housing for us, no cars (just bicycles), 7 degrees north of the equator.

Back working once again with the DoD, back with a security clerance, living on a military base (US Army).

If I don’t get through all of it, I guess I’ll be back on the road, consulting. But I want to have a semi-normal life and my sweet, dear wife sure deserves one.

So, I ask for your prayers or best wishes or good thoughts, whatever is appropriate to your beliefs, in this final round. I won’t drop off w/no updates, I promise those who have given me such support in the very difficult situation that prompted all of this int he first place. Thanks you, thank you so very much.

You are all such special people!

(BTW, if I make it out there, I will still be here. Unlike 20 years ago when there were 3 phone lines available, they now have interne access and everything)

Good luck to you and your missus. Sounds like a pretty great new life!

Good luck! I’d keep my fingers crossed, but that makes typing too difficult!

Heh, my thanks to both of you. It is much appreciated!


I was wondering about you yesterday. Then I thought he’s busy packing and moving, so you won’t hear anything for a month. I’m glad to hear everything is now decided and in put in motion.

Congratulations! Sounds like paradise!

What did your wife’s siblings say when she told them? :eek:

Yes, I’m that evil. :smiley:

Why, thank you! This is precisely why I posted this thread.

Thank you for thinking about us. I just can’t tell you how much it means.

You’re not evil at all. THEY ARE!!!

OK, OK, I’m calming down…In all fairness, they seem to have had a Come-To-Jesus talk amongst themselves and seem to be planning for the inevitable. It was hell on wheels at first. Talk about guilt trips…“Take a good look, this is the last time you will ever see your father alive.”

Now, though, I think they may be starting to deal with it…I am NOT ready to un-PIT them, but it is better, and my wife is far, far, better along in dealing with the issues.

Really, things have gotten better in just a few weeks.

“Sounds like paradise” —It is a wonderfule environment in may ways, but it is far from perfect. IF we get there, I will be very happy to provide info. Like: Yeah, you got no tourists, you got freaking Jacques Cousteau—wanna see sharks? I have dive logs on t his. Half the time, I encountered sharks. Once, I almost collided with one head-on. Once, on a night dive, my partner and I got circled by 3-4 of them. Then, there are stonefish…ah, heck, who am I kidding here? Yeah, for the right people, it IS paradise…just look out for the serpents. (from 1984-1988 experience).

Hey, thanks!

Good luck, neighbor! Hope everything works out for the best. :cool:

Good luck!
Does your wife have to be examined like this as well to go there ?

I used to work for a company that did RCS analysis for Kwaj tests. I’ve always wanted to go there. About a dozen years ago I found out my old supervisor from Edwards (different company) was working there.

So, you’ll need a name change once you get the position (I’m sure it’ll happen, but good luck anyway). Any ideas on what a new name might be?


Best of luck to you and the wife! I hope everything goes well and you actually end up there. It sounds very interesting.

Not bad. Maybe LiveOnAnIsland would be in the running, too. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in updating, but things have been a little hectic around here.

Taters and Sharky: Thank you, too for the good wishes.

Johnny L.A.: You might see if your old supervisor can wrangle you a visit as his guest. It is allowable for relatives, and I think maybe friends, but am not positive if this is so now.

Shirley Ujest: Yes, this is different now. Spouses did not used to have to undergo the physicals, but now they do. In fact, my wife just went through all of this today. Not the most fun way to spend an afternoon.

As for me, I got the go-ahead from my physician, and so it looks like I’ll be leaving sometime early next week. I’ve gotten the OK for me to return in a couple of months and help get things ready for the pack-out and then she’ll come back to the island with me. Normally, we’d go together at the very start, but they need me out there yesterday, so we are arranging things a little differently.

Let’s see, two trips of over 7000 frequent flyer miles…might put me over the top for Gold Elite status on Northwest for next year…um, yeah…fly out on Continental and have the miles credited to my Northwest account. Yep, that’ll work

Well, all the paperwork is in and I have received my orders for travel. I had to undergo yet another examination, an eye exam and get that clearance also sent to the medical officer on the island. But it was all finally done, and 2 days later I had my reservations.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Honolulu, stay the night, then catch an Air Micronesia flight (Continental partner) for Kwaj the next morning. Wifey will handle the pack out and follow me to the island in a couple of months.

One nice thing about last-minute tickets, all Delta had available was an “A” fare ticket, and so I got an upgrade to First Class all the way to Hono!! Never have I flown anything but coach on those long hauls. Somebody up there must like me. :slight_smile:

Gee, the place is gonna be different after 20 years, but some things will be very familiar to us. Kinda scary, but we are getting out of the situation at home and will be able tobuild up our retirement fund considerably. Funny how things work out.

Anyway, I’m not being so arrogant as to think that anyone is going to be excited about this or anything, so please don’t think I’m being self-important. This is just an update for those who were following our little saga. I’ll be back as soon as I get settled and get hooked up to the internet on the island.

See you all soon…

I can’t believe I missed this thread!

I grew up on Kwaj (aka the Rock), 1977 through 1991.

I wonder how much has changed since then.

Best of luck to you, with the acclimation - both the weather and the cultures take some time to get used to!

:smack: I see now by reading the rest of the thread that you’ve already served time there. So, let me amend that by saying: don’t get the bends on your first dive! :wink:

Another “neighbor” (but not for long!) wishing you all the best.
I had been out of town and I too had wondered how things were going.
I am excited for you and your wife.

Dude, I just read the thread(s) you refeferenced, for backstory. I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty friggin’ impressed that you’re pulling up the tent stakes and getting the hell outta Dodge. I’ve thought about doing the same thing, but I always stop short of actually doing it. My father-in-law has cancer so my wife won’t leave for now but when he dies I may just get the fuck outta here myself (with the wife & kids, of course). Congrats, and all that. I stand in awe.