It's Official: Joss Whedon to write/direct Avengers 2

Here’s the story. It also says he’s tapped to make a “marvel based” TV series, let’s hope that it’s not on Fox so it’s not cancelled within ten episodes :stuck_out_tongue:

Good deal.

Whedon writing/directing Avengers 2 sounds like a license to print money. He did a great job with the first one.

I dunno about the TV project, though. Seems like the special effects budget would be prohibitive…

I look forward to this, but 2015 seems so long away.

As to the TV possibility vis-a-vis CGI costs, it is quite remarkable what you can do with just a few dozen high end computers these days.
And, if properly cast and written, you wouldn’t need a Big Effect every minute.

Also, if you choose powers that can be done by makeup/practical effects (Wolverine’s claws/Beast’s Beastlyness) you could save on costs.

Professor X, tilting his head to one side!

Seriously. Look what Whedon did with Firefly a decade ago. CGI just isn’t the budget-breaking item it used to be.

I guess you don’t watch much TV. In the last few years we have had countless superhero series, a chunk of vampire and werewolf series, tons of fantasy or SF series, and right now a bunch of fairytale series. Each one has loads of visual effects, some of them movie quality in their seamlessness.

Rumour is this Marvel series may not even be about the superheroes, but instead the other Agents.

That’s some damn good news. I now have a reason to look forward to being 48 years old…

Hot damn! I hope Joss got lots and lots of points for this, plus mega-millions up-front. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Yeah, but then they have to hire a theramin player to do the sound effect.

Seeing as it took them three months to close the deal, I’m willing to bet that there were some intense negotiations involved.

My bet is that he was signed for the sequel before the first one filmed, and the negotiations were about the TV series. And a bigger check for Joss.

I don’t think any of the other Marvel sequels has the same director returning. Jon Favreau did Iron Man 1&2, but he’s not doing 3. Joe Johnston and Kenneth Branagh are not returning either. But Joss Whedon is.