It's Official - "Saving Jesssica Lynch"

Here we have it.
They have found some Canadian actress I’ve never heard of, who starred in a film I never heard of, to portray this poor kid that everyone has heard of.

We all figured they would do this, make a TV movie out of the Lynch adventure, but I didn’t think they would do it so soon. And I am really not looking foreward to it. I won’t watch it. Not only has it been done to death by the media, but what exactly happened to Pvt. Lynch is still rather hazy. It’s just one more questionable thing in an entirely questionable war, and I for one think they should have let it drop.

I do wonder what Lynch can possibly get out of this, though. She still works for the government, after all.

No matter what Jessica Lynch did or didn’t do (and I would remind you that NO ONE in the government or the military made ANY pronouncements of what she did or what happened to her—it was all media speculation from “unnamed sources”), the Iraqi gentleman that located her and notified the Marines is a hero, as are the military personnel that went in and pulled her out of the hospital. Their story is worth telling, even if hers was initially overblown by the news-hungry press.
And there was nothing questionable about the war other than the character of those who still object to it.

And you kept such a straight face while saying that!

From the CNN link:

An “action-adventure story.” Gosh, I hope this doesn’t mean they’re going to take artistic license with the real story!

As for the actress Laura Regan, she was in the film Unbreakable, which I saw but I don’t remember very well (according to IMDB, she played the 20-year old version of Audrey, but I only have a vague recollection of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters).

How terribly heroic of you to say something like this in a forum where nobody can take you to task for it.

As I understand from our local (WV) newspapers, she’s not getting anything out of it, nor does she care to. They are making the film without her cooperation.

So long as they keep Bruckheimer away from it, it can only be so bad.

I’ll grant you that nothing “official” came out about Lynch, but that too says something. Days and weeks went by before the government decided to correct the media involved. Why? And haven’t they rescued anyone else? There were several soldiers involved with that supply wagon, but they focused almost entirely on Lynch.

Fine. They did their job and she did hers. I think she should be left alone now.

And this:

… has me stumped.

Sunglasses, that’s what I expected, which only deepens my annoyance on the matter.

“…we were all amused by the high-pitched Welsh accent and the un-schedualed appearance and crys of “Wots all this, then?” during the rape scene…”

Or something like that.

Actual headline: “Church ends probe of Gay Bishop”


What The Jessica Lynch Story needs a a bit of the Jerry Bruckheimer / Michale Bay or Tony Scott magic!


Jessica Lynch played by Kate Beckinsale or some other hot chick.

Her Iraqi rescuer played by Tony Shalhoub.

Throw in a bunch of soldiers played by guys like Ben Affleck, Tom Sizemore, Josh Hartnett, that “Spud” guy from Trainspotting and Michele Beihn as a general or something and you have one great blockbuster.

Poor Lynch always seemed too humble to be enjoying the media overload much. This certainly won’t help her get the anonymity she deserves.

msmith, you are one sick pup.

I think you misspelled “support unquestioningally” as “object”. Understandable, since the keys are right next to each other on the keyboard.

Ah. So the original poster is in the clear for calling it questionable, but I CANNOT respond to him? That’s your position here? If he didn’t want it responded to, he shouldn’t have posted the opinion.

It’s easy when you’re telling the truth. Try it sometime.

Action/adventure? Where’s the action? They walked into an empty building and took her out. The end.

Maybe they’ll show how the government exploited this story and staged the “rescue,” but I doubt it. This will just be jingoistic swill, of course.

No, no, the action part is where the soldiers pointed guns at the Iraqi doctors who were tending to her.

Now that’s heroism!

Bwahahahaha-HAA! Tears in my eyes! Coffee spewed across moniter! why do you waste your time here? Hollywood needs good humor writeres!

Really? You spewed coffee across your “moniter?” And Hollywood needs good “writeres?”

Yeah, charging into a hospital, into what may very well be a trap, not knowing if there are Fedayeen waiting for you, not knowing if the hospital is rigged to blow, KNOWING that other hospitals have proven to be used as ammo dumps and operations HQs for the Iraqi military…
You’re right, it was heroism. Too bad some people are too damned stupid and irrational to see it.