Since RikWriter's too dense to do this himself

Ok, Rikky, I tried to explain (as did several others in this thread) that the Cafe Society is not the place to debate political beliefs. You however continue to tell everyone else they are wrong and are attempting to jusifty your arrogant and self-righteous hijack of that thread:

We didn’t jump the OPer because he wasn’t debating: he simply made a comment, which others chose not to address. You chose to debate in that thread instead of creating a new thread either in GD or here, as was suggested. It has nothing to do with your political beliefs, you self-righteous prick (which I couldn’t give two shits about BTW) it’s because you’re hijacking the thread after being asked to take it elsewhere.

Tell ya what. When you know what my politcal stance on the war is, then maybe you can call me a hypocrite or not. You’re assuming I disagree with your beliefs, when the truth is I DON’T CARE. It wasn’t a political thread. It was a thread about a TV movie that had one comment in it that you found distasteful. The OP was about the movie, not about politics.

And now we have personal attacks in Cafe Society. This is a no-no, I don’t care who’s doing them. I know msmith537 called you a dumbass first (which was also out of place in that thread), but how does that justify a personal attack on the OPer? More than once before you were called a dumbass you were asked to start a new thread in GD or The Pit. However, you were adamant in your stance to stay there and continue your pet debate. Ergo, you are a dumbass, which is why I’m not going after msmith537.

And BTW, before you claim I’m not going after msmith537 because we share the same political beliefs, let me asure you, that had msmith537 called me a dumbass in Cafe Society, he would have been called out on it by me, and taken to the Pit, where we can flame each other to our hearts’ content or until the thread got closed, whichever came first. You however, took the name calling as a reason to personally attack the OPer, who had nothing to do with calling you a dumbass. You see the difference there?

We didn’t critique him because that isn’t the place for debate. The comment was ignored to discuss the film.

And is there a cite to support your martyrdom?

Fine, they opened themselves up for debate, but read the forum descriptions. There’s a whole forum called Great Debates. Guess what goes on in there? I even suggested you can start a new thread and link to it in the Cafe Society thread so you debate to your heart’s content without continuing your hijack, but you preferred to rationalize thumbing your nose at the rules of the fora.
And I just have to toss in this little nugget of arrogance, which I just absolutely love this, after I twice informed Rikky that his opinion did not equal truth:

Now, here’s the quote that Rikky calls slanderous, inaccurate and ignorant:

Ok, Rik, now we’re in the Pit. Now we can debate and call each other dumbasses. The statement may be sarcastic, it may be an over-simplification, but how is the about quote slanderous (actually libelous since it is a written statement), inaccurate, or ignorant? If doctors had guns pointed at them, then it is accurate. How can this be libelous if no one’s character is being hurt by this remark? And how can it be an example of ignorance if this indeed what happened?

Oh, wait, I think I see, you believe it is all three of those things, therefore in your mind, it is a FACT. That’s not how facts work, sparky. There’s lots of little kids that believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, but that doesn’t make their deeds FACT, does it? Or is the only prerequiste for a fact to be a fact that you believe it to be so?

Now, here you have your very own thread to teach us what is truth, fact, or hypocrisy according to RikWriter. Now shut the fuck up in the other thread.

Good hell. Is it National Stupid Month or something?

Yes, Smeghead, I do believe it is. And it can’t be fought or fixed so just don’t fall asleep near any large seed pods.

Newsflash!! People make political comments in Cafe Society!

… You gonna take ALL of 'em to task, Crunch’ems?

Did you read the thread, SPOOFE? It’s not about political comments being made in CS, it’s about hijacking a thread so RikWriter can throw a hissy fit because someone dared to express an opinion he disagreed with. Hell, we probably wouldn’t be here now if he’s at least been civilized about it, but he starts with the personal attacks with his very first post.

To which RikWriter, in the first reply to the thread, says:

I don’t see how that’s a reasonable response in any context, even if the OP had been in the Pit. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed not to have seen a mod intervene in that thread by now.

I don’t care about the political comments, that’s beside the point. The point is, a couple times it was requested he start a thread in GD or here instead of continuing his hijack. Instead, he continued to rationalize the hijack

Exactly, Crunchy. I tried to ignore him and go on with discussing the movie and all he did was continue to blame me for some injustice and totally ruin my thread. I would have taken him to the Pit myself, but I was busy enough not to want to deal with two threads at a time and I was visiting Doper friends yesterday.

RikWriter generally pissed me off because of the utter lack of respect for me and everyone else who just wanted to chat in the thread.

Newsflash! I… guh… zuh… pizza trophy…

Oh, nevermind.

And now even though a link has been provided in the original thread, he still continues to carry on over there.

Well, seeing as I wasn’t online yesterday, but saw the thread today, I responded. My motivations are as outlined above, unless you have some other suggestions (and something tells me you do). Whether the thread would have died or not, is still not the point.

So… he knows there’s a thread here. He quoted the post which contained the link to this thread, yet he’s not answering. Not that we’re missing much I think. It’d just be more of his opinions and beliefs which he claims are truth and fact with nothing of substance to back his position.

RikWriter, who so vehemently wanted a forum in which to debate and express his beliefs (help! help! he’s being repressed!), is now afforded with one, yet refuses to discuss it further here.

One wonders what his motivations were.

Um, just to be a little pissant?

What was the other thread he started pissing in? He’s like the bully that no one will play with, so he comes over and kicks your Candyland board so no one can play.

Thanks, CF. I just wandered over there and posted a warning.


I don’t know about the other thread, so I couldn’t provide a link for you there.

I don’t think he’s gonna show. After all that talk about wanting to voice his opinion, he now decides he’s said enough.

Wow, after reading that thread over in CS, I have to say that never have I seen a better example of how to be impolite, arrogant, and narcissistic “all” at the same time. (not to mention unwanted).
That person had so much to say over there, certainly he must have responded here too, but for some reason, I can’t find any of those responses What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for listening

Just have to say that that’s not an opinion, that’s a challenge.

“Here’s my opnion, and if you disagree, you SUCK!!”.

I think that was the Which cartoon character would make the best President? thread. RikWriter got all huffy when somebody compared Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons) to Ronald Reagan. When somebody then dared to make a joke about Dubya’s intelligence, RikWriter accused the poster of partisanship and slander (the latter is a favorite term of his).

His contributions to the Jessica Lynch thread followed much the same pattern, only they started earlier in the thread and effectively hijacked it from the start.

That’s just genius, I’ll have to try this one myself and see how far it gets me next time someone asks for a cite.

“Well I WROTE it didn’t I? So it’s obviously TRUE.”

I that other thread, RikWriter said

Well I just so happen to have my Things to do if you are a dumbass checklist so we’ll see how hypocritical it was.

. Hijack a thread seemingly for the purposes of insulting any and all who would seem to disagree with you when you do not know their stand on the issue.

. Ignore all comments regarding the proper forum in which to post those insults.

. Harrass people for spelling,coding or punctuation errors.

. When called on your behavior, counter with “Well HE started it.”

. Continue the behavior in the wrong forum even after you have been made aware that a thread exists in the correct forum for you to address your comments.

. Sass Lynn Bodani when she issues you an official administrator warning.

. Sass Lynn Bodani again when she reminds you that the pit is the place to criticize administrators comments.

Lets see check, check, check, check, check, check and check. Yep it looks like what we gots here is a grade A genuine Dumbass.

Believe it.

Darnit, Mermaid- you pretty much took the words right out of my keyboard. Sassing Miss Lynn TWICE??? Yikes.

I guess I’ll just have to contribute by saying that Crunchy is so sexy when he’s all forceful. No, wait, can’t say that- this is the Pit.

::sigh:: Guess I have nothing to contribute, then. Move along, thanks.

I believe that would be “most of the threads to which he has posted.”