That's just not fair CK Haven.

Liberal pulls another one of his patent hijack-this-thread-to-KooKooLibertarianland, and the thread gets closed and Lib gets his way. So any show Lib doesn’t like is subject to thread closure because he’s the grand thread manipulator?
Yeah, I know life isn’t fair and we are at the mercy of the mods and admins whim. I just want to protest threads closed at Lib’s whim.

Reopen in IMHO or GD since the show is usually about politics. Then, discuss at will.

Dex, could the thread not have been moved once it was shown to be more or less a political debate?

Liberal was scolded, which I presume means warned to refrain from derailing future Daily Show threads.

Damn, hit submit before my thought was finished! I see lots of threads in the Pit or in GD discussing something political they saw or heard on TV or radio. Just because it’s broadcast in a medium that also carries sitcoms and Star Gate doesn’t mean it belongs in Cafe. If I hear something about drilling in Alaska on NPR that I wish to comment on, I would put it in IMHO, GD, or the Pit, depending on just what point I was trying to make. I wouldn’t put it in Cafe.

The Daily Show is primarily focused on current politics. So, most discussion of it should be in a forum that allows and perhaps even fosters political discussion.

The thread was happily discussing frat boys and Dukes of Hazzards before it Lib decided he didn’t like it and got it closed.

Yeah, bit the OP had this in it:

That’s the beginning of a political discussion, imho. Maybe the thread diverged a bit, but it was still political in nature, because the show it’s discussiing is. Was Lib being an ass? Yeah, I think he was, more or less. More so in the way he posted rather than in the content of his posts. He was being rather confrontational. Was he completely out of line, tho? No.

Hey, it took me a long time to wrap the mods and admins around my little finger and force them to do my bidding. That’s why you see Lynn and Veb and Czar heaping adulation upon me constantly. Frankly, it’s embarassing that they’ve implemented every one of my ideas — like treating “fundie” the same as “faggot”, eliminating the hate-speech rule, and creating a forum for formal one-on-one debates only. If you get your way, Giraffe will no longer rescue me from pile-ons. Tomndebb will stop allowing me to insult posters in GD. And Tuba won’t let me change my username a second time. What a party pooper you are.

I"m sorry, but CS is full of weekly “Did you watch the show last night?” threads where people discuss what happened on the show. That was exactly what was happening in the Daily Show thread. Along with funny quotes, comparisons to other episodes and every thing else those threads discuss.

It wasn’t until Lib jumped in and had a hissy fit did it turn into a political debate. There was a thread in IMHO to have a political discussion and that was going on just fine.

You don’t have the authority to close threads, so you are not the pittee, CK is. But if you wanna show your ass, go right ahead. I can’t stop you.

Liberal, In spite of your sarcasm, her point is actually pretty well made. You do seem to have rather potent skills when it comes to utterly derailing a thread. I have no idea if this is deliberate, but when I see that you have posted to a thread I can basically count on it straying radically from whatever direction it was headed before your involvement (and that divergence is not, in my experience, ever a particularly interesting or productive one).

Lib, if you find those Daily Show threads as tedious and unnecessary as you claimed, you could have just done everyone a favor and stayed out of it. If you were worried it was a misplaced political discussion, you could have donned your little jr.mod goggles and reported it. Instead, you chose option 3 which was to fart loudly right in the middle of it so that the rest of the thread was then distracted by people commenting on the stench and composition of said flatulance. I agree with Biggirl here, it was bad form.

Ummmmm…Jessica Simpson. I’d bounce that ass too!

Or flatulence, even.

someday, I’ll learn to preview, dammit

I respect your opinion on this, Biggirl, but I disagree. Just because it’s often funny doesn’t change that the show is primarily focused on politics.

But, since we saw that particular thread devolve into a lighter discussion, then Lib was indeed pissing in it. To carry the metaphor further, tho it may have been an unused and squeeky clean urinal, it was still a urinal, designed to receive the contents of one’s bladder.

Bad metaphor, I suppose. But I use it to make my point, not to disparage TDS fans.

You pitted him all right. You said that he closed the thread at my whim, and that I manipulated him. I don’t know what greater insult you could possibly have conceived.

Of course you can’t. Not with my magical powers.

For what it’s worth I didn’t see any partisan content until Liberal pissed on the thread. Dex may have been conflicted about past Daily Show threads, but this particular thread didn’t go anywhere near GD territory until Lib stepped in. This is a constant and repeated behavior by Lib and I think a ‘scolding’ is just an invitation to do it again.

I am frankly shocked that anyone would fall to notice the sheer number of threads derailed by Lib’s hijacks. He may not even believe he is hijacking these threads, but that makes him dense, it doesn’t make the behavior acceptable.

I think that Liberal should be administratively temoporarily banned every 6 to 8 weeks, for approximately two weeks. This should cover those recurring periods of time where Liberal’s posting becomes increasingly contentious, unpleasant, derailing, and frankly stupid. It would spare us the ritual of increasing the attention given to Liberal, and his eventual plea for the opportunity for him to reconsider his posting style.

Seems that we are several days into another such period already.

Perhaps we could just find one of his own posts in which he promises such self-reflection and make a sticky out of it.

Uh huh. And since Biggirl has made it perfectly plain that I am not the Pittee here — “you are not the pittee, CK is” — how is it that you are not derailing this thread by making me the object of your scorn. (How surprising, by the way, that you’ve done so…)

And ftr, I see the OP as a dual Pitting of Lib and Dex, while opening up the possible discussion of how much politicking should occur in Cafe.

Agreed. Liberal was being being a douchebag (perhaps of liberty, perhaps not), but CK really fucked up letting one nitwit with his panties in a twist ruin a perfectly good thread.