Liberal: Prove it or retract it

Liberal, in this recent thread in post number 3 you said:

So, Liberal, you’ve declared without ambiguity that I’m one of a group who regularly harass you, for no good reason. “Always the same ones…whenever I post” you said. Implying, as well, that this has been going on for a long time.

Prove it.

Prove your allegations. Cite the evidence. Show where over the last, say, six months, I’ve regularly quoted and hissed at you. Heck, make that a dozen examples from the last three months. That’s only one perniciously unjustified attack per week. Surely a poster such as you, with an 11+ per day post average, can easily come up with a paltry number like that?

Prove what you said about me. No qualifiers, no weasel words, no hand-waving it away, no digressions. You said I regularly harass you. Produce the evidence. I’ll cede you one, the comments I made in the Koran thread in the Pit. (And while you’re there, how about answering this question?) Come up with another dozen examples, another dozen threads where I’ve dogpiled you.

Prove it, or admit you libeled me and apologize.

Put up or shut up.

Aw crap, another one of these.

Yes, I know. I hesitated for several days over whether to even launch this thread, knowing full well why it would be annoying to you (and many others, I’m sure). It was reading Lib’s latest posts harping on the same dreary theme today that just pushed me over the edge.

Feel free to dogpile me for opening it; I’m expecting some blowback.


Big deal. Much ado about nothing. Everybody busts his balls. Are you upset that he singled you out? Liberal, I permit you to state that it was just a typo and you meant Dio, er, make that Reeder. No? How about Hentor?

OK, just say it was me. Or better yet, just say it’s pretty much everyone on the Dope that busts your balls regularly and get this whiny rant over with.

Am I missing a “sticky” that says Liberal must be pitted every 4.5 days?

Doesn’t anybody read the registration agreement?

It was 4.5 when the board was free. Now you get a 10 percent discount on renewals if you help to up the average to 3.7.

This is simply a poster asking for someone to substantiate a claim that they feel is biased. Anyone of us, should, at any time, be able to back ourselves up. This is especially true when we go after another poster. If Liberal is wrong, he should admit it. There is nothing wrong with asking for this. If he can prove it, then eddy should admit he is wrong. End of story.

I agree.
Lib should either put up or shut up.
And if can substanciate his claims, eddy should admit she may be jumping on Lib a little too much.

But then, who doesn’t jump on Lib for his pompousity.

Or something.

Pompous? I say its more like Liberal is an enigma.

…wrapped in a riddle and smothered in secret sauce.


Secret sauce is thousand island dressing. That’s one mystery solved right there.

As far as Liberal’s claim goes, there is some truth to it. Desmolytus used to stalk the hell out of him. I know I told him to knock it off in a thread. There’s also this post in the freedom fries thread from Guin. It’s a little :rolleyes: imho.

I’m not entirely sure that people are stalking him though. I would think that most just comes from reading the thread, seeing his post, and penis ensuing.
I know. I know, but I’ve never used it before. I promise.

But don’t you get tired of picking all those sesame seeds out of your teeth afterwards?

The secret sauce is Thousand Island dressing with just a touch of Ayn Rand.

penis ensuing is sexist!

Oh, yes, Desmo definitely did stalk Lib. In fact, I called him on it – called the both of them on their childish incessant wrangling – in this thread. I’m specifically calling on Lib to back his claim that I’m one of the thuggish throng who’s perpetually attacking him.

I think EddyTeddyFreddy has a legitmate challenge. I was surprised myself when Lib used her name in that accusation. She is not known for hounding people.

If I were Lib and I had made a false accusation against ETF, I would want it called to my attention and I would welcome the opportunity to make amends.

But genitalia ensuing doesn’t…uh…roll off the tongue as nicely.

Sez you!